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About ACME

ACME Group established in 1985, headquartered in Guangdong, China, covers an area of 100,000 square meters facility. It has many branches in Thailand, Malaysia, Korea, etc. The sales network covers more than 70 countries in the world. It is counted as Asia's largest factory for producing entertainment lighting and stage lighting.

ACME Group always put the development of scientific and technological innovation as the prime concern in accordance to the customers design and development of safe, innovative, advanced energy-saving lighting and sound, with excellent products and high-quality services to meet customer demands. Meanwhile, we reach and develop the LED driving power supply which to meet lighting products.

ACME's highly modernized manufacturing plant is made up of a wide range of advanced automatic and semi-automatic solutions. To ensure quality products, the entire manufacturing process undergoes continuous quality and efficiency controls.

Over the past three decades of establishment, ACME Group has perfectly accommodated itself globally. The Group has always been committed to provide the most innovative and reliable products at very competitive prices. Apart from providing best of services for business developments the company gives priority to quality and customer satisfaction being their main motto to gain worldwide recognition and remain ahead of competition.

Join us in a professional entertainment and stage LED lighting revolution! ACME - Act With Me!

ACME Office Building
ACME Lab Building
Conference Room
ACME Exhibition Hall
Production Line
Performance Testing
Radiation Test


Jan.1,Anhui Satellite TV’s ‘National Drama Festival’
Jan.12-14,INK International Music Festival
Jan.20,Wubai & China Blue Rock and Roll Classic "All-round Duel" Concert Guangzhou Station
Feb.2,Thailand <The Masked King of Song>
Feb.6-9,Netherlands ISE Exhibition
Feb.14,Zhejiang Satellite TV’s "China Blue Burning New Year's Eve"
Feb.15,The CCTV’s ‘Spring Festival Party’
Feb.16-18,The Spreading of Classical Chants
Feb.17,Zhejiang Satelite’s TV‘Spring Festival Party’
Mar.3,The Opening of China Football Super League in Tianjin Olympic Center Stadium
Mar.17-18, Namie Amuro’s Concert Shenzhen Station
Mar.21,National Running Festival
Mar.28, The Thailand ROAD SHOW
Mar.31, Zhejiang Satellite TV's ‘Spring Carnival’ and OPPO New Product Press Conference
Apr.12-15, Thailand Bangkok Show DC
Apr. 24-26, 2018 Malaysia Product Technology Exhibition SLV
May.1, Dishui Lake Music Festival
May.5, Jane Zhang's Century Tour Concert Beijing Station
May. 8-11, GET Show Guangzhou Exhibition, ACME Wonderful Continuous
May.19, Jane Zhang’s ‘Precious Concert’ Shenzhen Station
May.31-Jun.2,PALM EXPO India, International Professional Lighting and Audio Exhibition, Mumbai, India, 2018
Jun. 1-3, The Original Repertoire "Beijing Nursery Rhymes" of Beijing Performing Arts Group's 5th "Dream Come True" Performance Season
Jun.2, ‘Prajna ‘Horn’ World Tour
Jun.3, Wubai "All-round Duel" Concert Beijing Station
Jun.5, Audi Q8 New Car Conference
Jun.9, Life in Color
Jun.9, The Third Season Cross-border king of song
Jun.16, "The Best of Us" Zhejiang Satellite TV’s original youth growth inspirational reality show
Jun.30, The second season "The Son of Tomorrow"
Jul.6, Zhejiang Satellite TV’s "Running Carnival"
Jul.6, Guizhou Q5L Conference
Jul.15, DAUGHTRY 2018 World Tour Bangkok Station
Jul.22, Hammersonic Metal Festival 2018 Metal Music Festival
Aug. 1, Kunlun Fight
Aug. 11, Jason Zhang 2018 "Not yet. LIVE" Tour Concert Beijing Station
Aug.15, JJ Lin "Sanctuary" World Tour Concert Singapore Station
Aug. 17,Youku - "This! It's the singing season”
Aug.17, CCTV-10 CCTV Science and Education Program "Chinese Poetry Conference"
Aug. 17-25, Jacky Cheung “A classic Tour” Macao Station
Aug. 26, 2018 Asian Games E-sports Competition
Aug.26, Zhejiang Satellite TV's China Blue 10th Anniversary Theme Party
Sep. 3,Hunan Games
Sep.7, Thailand Output Festival
Sep. 8,New Rap in China
Sep.12, Guangxi Nanning International Folk Song Festival
Sep.15, Myanmar WE ARE CONNECTED Electric Sound Festival
Sep. 16, Singapore Gardens by the Bay F1 Grand Prix
Sep.26, The 9th China•Tianjin Mazu Cultural Tourism Festival
Oct. 2-7,Dongfeng Fengshen • China Motorcycle Sports Conference
Oct. 14,The Large-scale Music and Dance Epic "Towards the Sea"
Oct. 22,KYGO Kids In Love Tour – Thailand Station
Oct. 24,Guangxi 14th Minority Traditional Sports Games
Oct.26, Voice of Dream Season 3
Oct.27, Tmall Asian Idol Carnival
Oct.28, Jiangxi International Hemp Textile Expo Closing Ceremony and Awards Ceremony
Nov. 3,Wang Feng "Just Like This" Guangzhou tour
Nov.9, Mariah Carey Thai Concert
Nov.10, Jin Mianrou’s Night Stars Concert
Nov.10, The Sound of Q-dance Electric Sound Festival
Nov. 10,Double 11 Day Tmall Carnival Night
Nov.11, Malaysia LAZADA 11.11 SUPER SHOW
Nov.20, "Asian e-sports, soar from here" 2018 Asian Entertainment E-sports Exchange
Nov. 23-28, Jacky Cheung “A classic Tour” World Tour Concert London & Paris Station
Nov.23, Douyu Music Festival
Nov. 26,Jietu X70S Xiamen New Car National Launch Conference
Nov.28, ACME won the prestige of Top Ten Lighting (Ethnic) Brands of "Pioneer Cup 2018 Audio and Lighting Industry Brand Event"
Nov.29, Asian Music Festival 2018 AMF
Nov.30, Wenzhou Return to Simplicity, Brilliant Music Festival
Nov. 30-Dec.2, Participated in the Guangdong Industrial Design Exhibition + Governor's Cup Awards Ceremony
Dec.2, Lisa Ono’s Tour Xiamen Station
Dec.7-8, AIR STARS Asian Air Dance Art Competition
Dec. 22, King Glory Professional League Autumn Finals

Jan. 8-13, "Two Sessions" in Xinjiang
Jan. 13, “The Voice of Dream” Music Party
Jan. 25, Chinese Spring Festival Gala of Anhui Satellite TV
Jan. 27, Chinese Spring Festival Gala of CCTV
Jan. 30, Chinese Spring Festival Gala of Hunan Satellite TV
Feb. 27-Mar. 2, GETshow 2017
Feb. 28, Guns N' Roses world tour concert-- Bangkok Thailand
Apr. 1 onwards, “Burn U5”
Apr. 4-7, Frankfurt Prolight +Sound show
Apr. 8, Mercedes-AMG Extraordinarily Celebrates 50 Years Honor Ceremony
Apr. 15 onwards, “The King of Crossover Singer II”
Apr. 15, Hebe “IF”Plus tour concert--Wuhan
Apr. 22, B.I.G Carnival in Shanghai Expo Park
Apr. 28-29, Together Festival in Bangkok Thailand
May 4-7, 8th Surabaya Music EXPO (SMEX 2017)
May 11-15, 13th China International Cultural Industry Expo
May 20, TWINS LOL world tour concert--Guangzhou
May 20 onwards, GRANRODEO live tour 2017 “Pierrot Dancin'”
Jun. 2-5, PALM EXPO 2017, ACME won the second prize in the Intellectual Property Award, XP-20R BSW won the first prize in Product Technology Advancement Award for PRO Light, CM-S6 won the second prize in Product Technology Advancement Award for PRO Light
Jun. 3, “The King of Rock”Wu Bai tour concert--Foshan
Jun. 4, 1st Lighting Design Award of College Students 
Jun. 24, Joker Xue’s concert--Wuhan
Jun. 24 onwards, “The Rap of China”
Jul. 1-9, WSD (World Stage Design)2017
Jul. 13-15, HongKong International Military Music Performance
Jul. 19-22, 17th ARCHIDEX
Jul. 22 onwards, “Grand Premiere of Chinese Movies”
Aug. 5, Singapore “Sundown Festival” 
Aug. 12-13, GEM “Queen of Hearts”concert Singapore
Aug. 19, “Life in Color”Shanghai
Aug. 26, LION Seasonal Concert--Shanghai
Sep. 9 onwards, Wang Feng tour concert "The Times”
Sep. 9-10, “Ultra Music Festival(UMF)”
Sep. 9-10, Audi Sport “Join the League of Performance” carnival
Sep. 19, Benz "Defining Leadership" new car release
Sep. 29-Oct. 6, Chinese Opera Culture Week
Oct. 4-5, Irish tap dance "Titanic"
Oct. 27 onwards, “Sound of My Dream” Season II
Oct. 28, Changsha 9th Sport Games Opening
Oct. 28 onwards, “The Birth of Actor” Season I
Oct. 28 onwards, “Comedy General Mobilization” Season II 
Nov. 4, LOL S7 World Championship
Nov. 9 onwards, “China's Top Band”
Nov. 18, Zhao Lei “For U” Concert
Nov. 29, for the fifth year, ACME won “The Top 10 Brand (National)” in lighting industry
Dec. 3, Tencent Video “Star Awards”
Dec. 9-10, Thailand 808 Festival
Dec. 16, ACME Indonesia office established in Djakarta
Dec. 24-25, Yu Quan Christmas concert
Dec. 25, ACME embellished fairytale wedding
Dec. 30, Zhejiang Satellite TV New Year's Eve concert
Dec. 31, Jiangsu Satellite TV New Year's Eve concert
Dec. 31, Beijing Satellite TV “2018 New Year Global Gala-a Winter Spectacular”
Dec. 31, Hong Kong New Year’s Eve fireworks show
ACME lighting up the large media space experience show “Tian Niang”
ACME lighting up attractions “NianHuaWan”

Feb. 7, ACME supported Malaysia “My Astro” New Year’s Eve night countdown party 
From Feb. 29 to Mar. 3, ACME participated in China(Guangzhou) International Expo on Pro Sound and Light
Mar. 1, ACME took part in GET Show 2016
Mar. 6, ACME supported Zhejiang Satellite TV the "Hidden Singer"
Mar.19, ACME shined at“Honghualang Superstars Concert 2016”
Mar. 31, ACME participated in “Vietnam 's previous performance equipment industry' s largest lighting audio products conference”, officially settled in Vietnam
ACME lighted up Hubei Satellite TV the “Comedy Show Season 3”the whole season in early 2016
Apr. 4 to Apr. 8, ACME succeeded in “Musikmesse & Prolight + Sound exhibition 2016”Frankfurt Germany
Apr. 7, nearly 100 ACME lighting equipment supported“TCL EYE ON THE FUTURE spring new product release conference 2016”
Apr. 10, ACME supported the "34th China Luoyang Peony Cultural Festival Opening Ceremony"
Apr. 16, ACME lighted up the opening ceremony of "Beijing International Film Festival"
From Apr. 30 to May 2, ACME amazed the Shanghai and Beijing “Strawberry Music Festival 2016”
From Apr. 30 to May 2, ACME lighted up the “Midi Festival”
May 13, ACME colored the opening ceremony of “Total BWF Thomas & Uber Cup Finals 2016”
Jul. 6, ACME took part in “The Third Live Entertainment & Event Expo”
Jul. 20, ACME latest products debuted in “The 17th International Architecture, Interior Design & Building  Exhibition, Malaysia”. LED-EX100Z won the "New Product Award" 
Jul. 28, experts, advisor from China Institute of Stage Design visited the ACME headquarter and made instruction 
Sep. 1, ACME achieved five certificates in the industry selection held the occasion the 25th anniversary of the foundation of China Entertainment Technology Association 
From Sep. 1 to 4, ACME participated in the PALM EXPO 2016
Oct. 1, ACME lighted up “The first Longli International New Media Arts Festival”
Oct. 1 to 5, ACME landed Dujiangyan with “Dujiangyan Western Music Festival”
Dec. 18, ACME achieved “HC Network Audio Lighting Industry Top Ten Brand”
Dec. 25, ACME supported Dazhangwei live concert at Wuhan station
Dec. 30, ACME lighted up the Zhejiang Satellite TV the New Year’s Eve night countdown live concert
Dec. 31, ACME lighted up Jiangsu Satellite TV New Year’s Eve night countdown live concert
Dec. 31, ACME lighted up fireworks show in TaiBei 101 Building 
Dec. 31, ACME lighted up Sichuan Satellite TV New Year’s Eve night countdown live concert
Dec. 31,ACME lighted up Hong Kong Victoria Harbor New Year’s Eve night fireworks show 
Dec. 31, ACME lighted up Macau New Year’s Eve night countdown party 
Dec. 31, ACME lighted up Singapore 《Rock on! 2017》New Year’s Eve night countdown live concert
Dec. 31, ACME supported CCTV New Year’s Eve Party
The whole year of 2016, ACME supported the touring concerts of Zhang Xue You, Zhou Jie Lun, Chen Yi Xun, Zhang Hui Mei, Zhang Shao Han, Li Rong Hao, Tan Wei Wei, Huang Zi Tao, Lin You Jia, etc..
The whole year of 2016, ACME supported Beijing Satellite TV the “King Cross”

ACME Succeed Glittered up CCTV broadcast
ACME rock up "New Earth" JJ's concert toured in Taipei
ACME Create the New Vision Festival "Red/white Award" successfully
ACME Assisted the “Another Eason’s Life” Concert
ACME Assisted the Third Season of “The Most Beautiful Harmony”
ACME Created the Dazzling “Prism” for Katy Perry’s Tour 
ACME Lighted Up the “BOOM! Zhou Bichang 2015 Tour” 
ACME Lighted up Jacky Cheung “Wake up Dreaming” Concert
ACME Sparkled Jay Chou 2015 “OPUS 2” World Tour
ACME Assisted at Sodagreen’s “See You Again” Concert
ACME Assisted at Hebe’s Concert 
ACME Got the First and Second Prize of Product Technology Award in PALM Expo

ACME as lighting supplier for 2014 Sodagreen "air audiovisual and illusion," the 10th anniversary world tour concert
ACME as official concert lighting supplier of Hsiao "" Triple Jam 2014 World Tour 
ACME honored to be Jay 2014 "OPUS" world tour lighting supplier
ACME became Jiaxing "Superstar Live" concert lighting supplier
ACME Light up 2014 Busan Motor Show with “Hyundai 
2014 Opera Gala Concert are performed by HANAOPERA team 
ACME Glittered up Il San Kintex REMI Kids Musical Theater in Korea
Hong Kong HKS TV utilizes ACME LED theatre spot lights 
ACME Succeed Expands New Market to Across South Africa
Large Sichuan TV variety show "crazy big winner" chosen ACME brand lamps
ACME was successes appointed Zhanjiang MUSE club, Lili Marleen Shenzhen, Haikou 66Live bars, and others well-known clubs lighting supplier
ACME was awarded the "Guangdong Province Engineering Research Center"
ACME products successfully entered the Inner Mongolia Ulan Bator Crocus Hotel

In 2013, ACME became a nominated supplier of lighting equipment for Jay Chou’s 2013 Opus World Tour Concert
On January 2013, company became a R&D center for LED stage light source engineering technology of Foshan City
On January 2013, ACME became a nominated supplier of lighting equipment for Xinjiang Great Hall, China
On May 2013, Shenzhen TV (SZTV) choosed ACME’s lights
On June 2013, ACME became a nominated supplier of lighting equipment for champion Chinese of CCTV5 in Beijing, China
In 2013, ACME Stage Lighting LED products by the Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology Department was showcased as high-tech products of Guangdong Province
On July 2013, founded Thailand branch
On August 2013, ACME became a nominated supplier of lighting equipment for Soda Green’s 2013 "When we traveled together" Tour Concert
On September 2013, ACME became a nominated supplier of lighting equipment for Harlem’s 2013 “I WANNA GIVE YOU” World Tour Concert

In 2012, ACME became a nominated supplier of lighting equipment for Chinese University Games In 2012, ACME became a nominated supplier of lighting equipment for SOHO, Lili Marleen, MUSIC, True color, 1801, Yes 18 Bar. In 2012, ACME Group Taiwan Branch was established In 2012, Foshan LEKO Technology Co., Ltd. was established following the establishment of ACME Group in Taiwan On January 2012, the TianYiGe Museum in Ningbo City used ACME’s Lighting Equipments On March 2012, ACME became a nominated supplier of lighting equipment for Zhuhai TV studio (ZHTV) On April 2012, ACME became a nominated supplier of lighting equipment for the Sound of Nature of Shandong TV studio (SDTV) On July 2012, HongKong CNN choosed ACME’s lights On November 2012, PTV choosed ACME’s lights On December 2012, Xinjiang Great Hall, China choosed ACME’s lights On December 2012, ACME became a R&D center for LED stage light source engineering technology of Gaoming District

In 2011, the company officially moved to Cangjiang Industrial Park, Gaoming District of Foshan City where the new plant was officially opened On September 2011, ACME became a nominated supplier of lighting equipment for Aaron Kowk 2011 World Tour Concert On November 2011, ACME became a nominated supplier of lighting equipment for Jay Chou 2011 World Tour Concert On December 2011, ACME became a nominated supplier of lighting equipment for Jeff Chang’s 2011 World Tour Concert in Guangzhou Station

ACME became a nominated supplier of lighting equipment for the
opening and closing ceremonies of Guangzhou Asian Games

ACME was established in Taipei



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