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It is a Small World, ACME Look Forward to Meet You Again!

On September 16th,

2018 Chengdu International Music (entertainment) facilities and Equipment Expo

End with successfully.

Chengdu, a nice place converge history and modern, culture and delicious food, ACME shows amazing light show for everyone in these 3 days, cooperated with REYN AUDIO and MDG, build an audio-visual stage, provide satisfactory one-stop stage services for you.

This exhibition is also a product launches for ACME, the new products like XP-380 BEAM IP, TB-1230 QW, LP-2304, XA-1000 BSWF, XP-550 BSW are surprise for everyone.

Professional REYN AUDIO create smooth timbre through RL1, RL SUB, M1S, RL0.5 sound integrated systems.

Canadian MDG, has over 30 years of performing experience, ATMe fog generator which exhibited in the show, can produce the best fog in the market, fully meet the needs of performance, to create a good atmosphere at the scene.

To sum up, as long as you take ACME / REYN AUDIO / MDG products, we must do our best to service you, help you save manpower and time in the process of installation and commissioning, to ensure the products suitable for outdoor working, make you comfortable and convenient.

Although 2018 Chengdu International Music (entertainment) facilities and Equipment Expo is closed today, but it is a small world, ACME look forward to meet you again!