Shunde Performing Arts Center

Shunde Performing Arts Center one of Shunde culture center buildings,is a comprehensive grand theatre and the key cultural construction projects of Shunde as well as one of the important venue for Asian Art Festival heldby Foshan City. It uses ACME LED system lights BW-216 3RGBW 16 units, MP-90 16 sets.

        The total area of the project construction is about 3.2 million square meters, contains theatre, and towers three parts.Among them,the grand theatre Accommodates 1,500 seat with three layers (-12 m), six floors (building height 36 m), the concert hall with 500 seats.

The heatre and concert hallare equipped with modern stage machinery, intelligent, lighting and sound equipment, The grand theatre large-scale symphony, musical, drama,opera and other arts activities in an integrated, and the concert hall can be used to held classical music, folk music, modern music and other performances after completed.
The close relationship between Shunde people and water is fully reflected by the design concept for shunde Performing Arts Center.The main building, grand theatre, is a ship design style,which wall uses natural aluminum alloy plate to cover with external area of 5,000 square meters of glass envelope ,likes a glass boat is sailing seeing at a long distance.