Perfect Cooperation between Zhuhai TV Station

March,2012,The High-definition programming studio of Zhuhai radio and TV station starts its Modification Works, after compareing with products from difference companys, ACME LP-TS100 have been chosen.

        The Zhuhai radio and TV station have been build up since April 2005, it is combined with the originel Zhuhai TVstation, Zhu hai radio and TV transmitting station and the Television surveillance center .

        Recently the have set up more than 32 program like the News Program :"Zhuhai News ","The News View Point"; The socialist education Program: "Say your words" and "People Tea shop", THE CHILDREN PROGRAM: "the sunshine season"; The English Learing Program: " Nespaper Week"; THE Publicity programs "The Zhuhai special economic zone" ect.

        ACME professional film-video light owns perfect color rendering and color rendition funtion,quiet operation, lower energy consumption .ACME has been leading manifacture in the Chinese film-video market for a long time. ACME LP-TS100 satisfied the request of Zhuhai radio and TV station.