“Me to Us " Sets the Stage for the 2020 Band Variety Show!

On March 14, the first domestic reality TV show "Me to us" focused on the natural growth of the band was jointly premiered on Jiangsu Satellite TV and Mango TV.

The program aims to create an amateur band growth plan, gather outstanding Chinese music players to match each other, select the most recognized band after cruel performances, and finally board the world's music stage.

"One person's dream is just a dream, and a group of people's dreams can come true." Just like this sentence, a group of people with music dreams get together and start the fun with the three "Presidents".

"Me to Us" means our band, which is a good interpretation of the program concept-the band is the process from "I" to "We"! The opening show also fully showed the process of band formation.
The performance stage is extremely industrial style, showing "heavy metal" and "punk style" everywhere, and expressing the personality of the musicians.

In order to reflect the diversity of music from the lights, in accordance with the changes in the content of the show and the stage art, nearly 500 sets of ACME professional stage lighting were selected, such as SPARTAN HYBRID moving head lights, STAGE PAR COLOUR PAR lights, DOTLINE360 LED strip effect lights, etc., use the impact of high and low color temperature to set off the stage to create a music environment exclusive to the band.

In the center of the stage, DOTLINE360 was used to design an X-shaped lamp wall. SPARTAN HYBRID was inserted between each two X- shaped lamps to form another lamp wall. The lights projected from the two walls complement each other, simply hit our eyes.

In “Me to Us ", the auditorium and the stage are only one step away, and the atmosphere is super high! This is because the design also focuses on the lighting design of the auditorium area.

The STAGE PAR and SPARTAN HYBRID stage lights surround the entire audience area to create an immersive experience. Not only the audience's visual experience at the scene and in front of the screen were taken into account, but also the lively atmosphere of the scene was fully demonstrated.

Different musical instruments, different tones, and colorful ACME lights, what kind of sparks, what kind of music, or band? Everything remains to be researched!

Every Saturday at 22:30 Jiangsu Satellite TV and 22:35 Mango TV, welcome to join "Me to us" and make band with ACME!
"I'll take a trip to this world, and I'll take it!"
Full of rock attitude, how life is, I have the final say!
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