ACME Brought the Youth Energy to the 5•5 Event Ceremony

Do you still remember the 8th Sep. in the past 2019? At that night, ACME joined in the 9•9 Event Ceremony which was organized by Jiangsu TV and Ju Huasuan successfully made the SPOTRACK TrACME debut. Please enjoy these beautiful shots from that show.



This time, ACME cooperated with Jiangsu TV and Ju Huasuan again to light another big ceremony at the night of 5th May, called 5•5 Event Ceremony.


Standing as a great sales promotion theme day’s events, 5•5 Event just stepped into the most popular shopping events like 6•18 Event, 9•9 Event, and 11•11 Event, it’s becoming another “ALL IN” level theme events.

Shots from 5•5 Event Ceremony


This is different with last 9•9 Event on cultural exchanges from south to north. 5•5 Event Ceremony is aimed at young buyers and chooses the youth element as the main theme. It believes that a positive attitude will lead the younger generation to a bright future and sense of the times.


Hiring the same stage design team with Near Year Eve(NYE)’s, Jiangsu TV gave out a lot of effort to this ceremony. The goods-shelf-like walls, the number-five-like decoration, and the twinkle icon of Ju Huasuan, all can deliver the theme of this event.


To keep the social distance, Jiangsu TV creatively used cardboard cut-outs instead of the audience. This creative idea was really to deepen the interaction between online watchers and performers.


Top of the stage, there are numbers of square LED screen are combining for a cubic celling, perfect fitting with ACME SOLAR FALRE, SPARTAN HYBRID, light bars, spotlights and etc.


This special lighting rig changed the stage into a colorful palace for each watcher, which was surrounded by dancing and singing.


At this special time-line, the 5•5 Event not only focus on promoting the marketing consumption but also remind us the dedication from all frontline workers, salute with peace love and warm care.


Full of youth elements, sense of the fashion and promotion had made the 5•5 Event Ceremony theme.

As one of the key palying roles in this visual ceremony, ACME brought the dynamic energy into the youth stage and impressed the audience.


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