2020 Autohome 818 The Global Car Night

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The "2020 Autohome 818 Global Car Night" jointly created by Autohome and Hunan Satellite TV was broadcast live on Hunan Satellite TV on August 18th and simultaneously broadcast on Autohome APP, Mango TV and iQiyi.


With the theme of “Car Witnessing a Beautiful Life” this year, it was created by the gold medal production team of Hunan Satellite TV’s “Spring Festival Gala Evening” and “Day Day Up”. The rich experience and creativity of party production provide audiences with fresh and diversified experiences and it has become a guarantee for audio-visual and stage beauty in the party.


This “Car Night” integrates modernity, innovation, technology and entertainment. The immersive stage art brings a new sensory experience and the stage becomes the “track” of cars. Under the intertwined light and shadow, there are rows of gorgeous cars on side. it can instantly substitute people into the sense. The large screens surrounding the show present shocking visual effects as the performance changes. The use of three-dimensional motion photosensitive film makes the party full of technology and metal.


Thousands of ACME professional stage lightings, like SPARTAN HYBRID/XP-20R BSW, SABER BEAM FX/XP-380 BEAM, DOTLINE360/TB-1230 QW, GLAMOUR 700Z/CM-700Z and so on, as well as Canada MDG 2 theONE weather generators and 2 ATMe mist generators also help much!


According to different programs and concepts, the lighting and fog are uniquely designed. Many guests and fashionable cars make their debut under the shocking visual effects of lighting.


In addition to the wonderful singing and dancing performances, it also gives a new soul to the “2020 Autohome 818 Global Car Night” through cross-border marketing that integrates multiple elements such as automobiles, entertainment and culture, presenting a carnival feast for guests, audiences and cars.


For the Automotive industry, the Autohome 818 event is extraordinary significance and can be called a texibook-level IP marketing classis!



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