Tmall Double 11 Live Festival, ACME and MDGS Support You as Always

Night on October 31st, Hunan satellite TV Tmall jointly organize Tmall double opening 11 live festival, stars, anchors, merchants, television stations are all moving up, rushed for zero together with the consumers!

The festival theme is "support you together, enjoy life",it means the moral TV and electrical traders will support everyone who pursuit the ideal life.

Tmall live festival as the first double 11 party activitiesof Hunan satellite TV this year, it shows the strongest squad and star performers, also it upgrade the interactive mode, there is Tmall studio , create a brand-new network joint live festival.

According to the scene, there are two live three floors of the transparent floor on both sides of the main stage, stars and taobao live host will visit each other at any time, shuttle between taobao studio and the party stage in real time, open an unprecedented live interaction. Also, ACME and MDG joined the team.

Over one thousands of professional stage lightings like ACME XA-1000 BSWF、XP-380 BEAM、XP-20R BSW、BL-100 RGBW、CM-S6、LED-MTX36 projected cool lighting effects.

And 4 MDG theONE cooperated with guest performance, present stage effect of the shock stage, thrilling!

In the Tmall double 11 party, Hunan TV's super star IP lineup collude with and Tmall super hot anchor.

Creative stage lighting design and fog effects, made stage and studio series closely, and bring the fresh and new audio-visual feast to audiences!


ACME and MDG go with shopaholic together!

---------------- THE END --------------