This New Year's Eve is a Bit Interesting~

2020 New Year's Eve Party
The countdown has started!

The long-awaited annual New Year's Eve gala feast for the audience is going to be a big hit.

will still accompany the audience to shine on the stage of each party.
I can't wait!
Let’s make a preview for everyone~

The China Media Group
Venue: Dachang Film & Television Base, Hebei province
Broadcast time:2020/12/31 20:00

Jiangsu TV
Venue:Venetian Golden Gallery, Macau
Broadcast time: 2020/12/31 19:30

Zhejiang TV
Venue:Shenzhen Spring Cocoon Gymnasium
Broadcast time: 2020/12/31 19:30

Hunan TV
Venue:Wuyuanhe Stadium, Hainan
Broadcast time: 2020/12/31 19:30

Shanghai Dragon TV
Venue: Mercedes Centre, Shanghai
Broadcast time: 2020/12/31 19:30

Beijing TV
Venue: Shougang Park, Beijing
Broadcast time: 2020/12/31 19:30

Sichuan TV
Venue: Chengdu Wuliangye Performing Arts Center
Broadcast time: 2021/1/1 19:35

Venue:Starlight 3600 studio
Broadcast time: 2020/12/31 20:00

Taipei 101 New Year countdown Party
Venue:Taipei Civic Plaza
Broadcast time: 2020/12/31 18:30

2020 - 2021
will create a splendid music feast for the audience under the strong star lineup of each party.

Bid farewell to 2020 and rush to 2021!
We should not miss every wonderful New Year's Eve party!

 ***The above are sorted in no particular order***
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