ACME Joins Hands With CCTV Online Spring Festival Gala to

The CCTV 2021 online Spring Festival Gala "Youth Carnival" will be broadcast simultaneously on CCTV-1 integrated channel, CCTV online multi-terminal, CCTV client, CCTV news client and other channels on the evening of February 4th.

The Gala uses the "Youth Carnival" as its name to send a "new" appointment to the youth, and go to the "new" together. Through the new ideas and new concepts to look forward to the New Year with the majority of youngster, spread the positive energy of youth, open a new Rubik's Cube, and show infinite possibilities.


The Gala has also made great efforts in stage design, combining technology and creativity organically, and spreading out all-round new expressions through new technologies, new stages and new forms of performance.

In order to better present the Gala, the organizing team deliberately adopted nearly 600 units ACME professional lighting, Spartan Hybrid, Chiron, Sunrise, Solaris, Glamour 700Z, equipped with 2 sets of SPOTRACK TrACME Dynamic video tracking system, the bright lights make the whole even more star-studded!

The 2021 CCTV Spring Festival Gala is not only an evening party, but also a cultural feast about youth, fashion, and technology. With "opening new" as the main line, cross-border mix and match the most favorite cultural symbols of the youngster, realize the content breaking, open up intergenerational communication, and create a youngster’s CCTV online Spring Festival Gala.

Start a new year with youth,
To open a new beginning for the youth,
Start a brand new 2021!

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