2021 Lantern Festival Opera Party Celebrate Prosperity Age With ACME

2021 Lantern Festival Opera Party by China Media Group was broadcasted on CCTV-11 Xiqu Channel and CCTV-4K Ultra HD Channel at 21:35 at 19:30 on February 26.

The evening party walked out of the studio for the first time and came to Cultural Park of Dong Yong and Seven Fairies, Dongtai, Yancheng, Jiangsu Province for live recording. In order to enrich the connotation of "theatre", the opera program combines modern technological means such as drones, Avia, and AR. The water stage is arranged as a different performance space, adding a wealth of highlights to the stage performance, presenting a scene of "Shangyuan night, mountains and rivers".

Lighting Design: Mr. Huang Tao


The overall lighting design of this evening party is by Mr. Huang Tao. The beautiful stage design of light and shadow combined with natural elements is a highlight of this Lantern Festival Opera Party. With ACME SOLAR FLARE and CHIRON two professional stage moving head, the magnificent light effects are projected to the entire stage, which captures the audience's attention with shocking and atmospheric visual effects.

Party invited the opera, Cantonese opera, Peking Opera, Opera, Shaoxing Opera, Huangmei, opera, nearly 20 operas of dozens from famous north and south, each portrait hard act opera classics. The lost play "Mrs. Shang Yuan" also reappears on the stage. The wonderful performance conveyed the humanistic feelings and cultural self-confidence contained in the traditional festival.


2021 Lantern Festival Opera Party is a comprehensive evening show highlighting the culture of Chinese opera. The performances carefully planned by the program team not only present the infinite charm of opera art, but also promote the excellent traditional Chinese culture.

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