ACME Lit Up The TV Show - Call Me By Fire

The 2021 Summer in Mango TV - A music competition program Call Me By Fire reached the top of hot search after its debut show on 12th Aug. 33 Males, whoever you are a actors, singers, dancers, or rappers, will compete for the next 3 months and the winners will form an idol group.

At the beginning of the plan, the program director wanted to make it more challenging: the visual design will not use any screen or stage decoration and all shows will only use the lighting rig to achieve the effect. The renowned lighting designer, Chen Jie, and his team set the rig to help sculpt every competitor. Working with so many famous celebrities, ACME was very excited and expecting so much and over one thousand professional fixtures were highlighting the debut show stage.

To present the 42 shows with different effects without changing the stage beauty, the Diamond Design team designed 3 sets of motor driven lighting rigs with different structures to achieve multiple spatial changes: 8 columnar mechanized structures standing at the back, 4 square mechanized rigging hanging onto the top and a mechanized rigging wall just behind the main stage.

Especially in the wall, Mr. Chen made 5 horizontal lines full of GEMINI, which is infinity moving in pan & tilt, composed a side of strobe batten and a side of zoom bar. All within this wall: the regular light positions and the infinite rotating fixtures achieved a holistic visual structure and individual changes accordingly. Sometimes, punchy strobes pushed the show to the climax. At some other parts, the eye-catching colorful beams and pixel controllable 2 sides of sources provided more vivid dynamic interaction between competitors and audiences.

Most of the 42 shows were performing on the main stage. To cooperate with the versatile GEMINI wall at the back, a powerful hybrid workhorse was chosen – AECO 20. As the music mood changes between the excitement of a pop song and the warmth of a classical old song, 103 x AECO 20, did a lot of important work at this point. The high quality color rendering index and subtle color mixing added smoothness to the mood changing and the richness of the competitors’ skin tones, which met the requirement of the saturated colors and the front light.

All 4 sides of the main stage applied a large number of steel frames to set the multi-layer lights and matched them with the tough image of the Brothers. Nearly 300 x STAGE PAR COLOUR, 192 x DOTLINE 360, 56 x THUNDERSTRUCK and multiple 3-in-1 hybrid fixtures were hidden into the frames with different heights.

The compact but yet expressive stage, 33 Brothers, various shows style, the creative lighting design, along with 4 sets of SPOTRACK TrACME follow-spot systems, worked together and complement each other. They completed this marvelous program.

This impressive reality show was all the rage since it premiered on Mango TV last week. Let’s looking forward to the coming shows.

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