Video Sharing: How Our Friends Make Good Use of REYN AUDIO Sound System on Site

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"Turn education into another Longjiang name card"-2020 Longjiang Town Education High-quality Development Work Promotion Conference and Education Fund Fundraising Appreciation Conference was held in the Gymnasium of Longjiang Foreign Language School in Shunde, Foshan on July 11th.


This is a concentrating conference, a conference to cheer on, and a conference to start and mobilize again.


At the conference, there were not only well-arranged repertoires for representative companies and enthusiasts, but also REYN AUDIO classic speakers brought by Guangdong Yinjiang Performance Co., Ltd. to bless the event.

Through pure sound effects, the story of the great love of entrepreneurs and enthusiasts is vividly presented in the form of literature and art to express the high respect for them.


Today, we will briefly share with you how Guangdong Yinjiang made good use of the REYN AUDIO sound system to design, structure, measure and debug this event.



Before installing the hanging speakers, the software must be used to simulate the scene.


First, use a mobile phone rangefinder to quickly and conveniently measure the size of the site space.

Then use EASE Focus to import REYN AUDIO speaker data and venue data for simulation.

The speaker sound coverage, speaker suspension position, height, angle, and power gradient can all be preset and adjusted.



After the speaker is hung up, start debugging the audio system. The first is to debug the main amplifier speaker [RL-0.5], we need to correct it back.

Since the REYN AUDIO speaker system has been added to FIR, it helps to reduce the trouble of debugging and integrating the entire audio system.



[RL-0.5 and RL-SUB121] Superimposed correction of subwoofer speakers.The crossover point is 80Hz.After measuring and observing the phase and ETC, it delays the RL-SUB121 by 6.271ms to align with the phase of the RL-0.5 speaker.



The main amplifier speakers have been debugged, and then it is the turn of the front speakers. This time a total of 4PCS [front supplement speakers M600] are used. They are divided into two groups: two in the middle and two in the edge. Expand the speakers for time alignment correction.



The first is the superposition correction between the [middle group front fill speaker] and the main amplifier speaker. After measuring the delay of 16.121ms, it is aligned with the main amplifier speaker. After being turned on with the main amplifier speaker, the mid-high frequency in this area is improved.



It is followed by the superposition correction between [the front side speaker of the most side group] and the main amplified full-range speaker. After a measurement delay of 10.537ms, it is time-aligned with the main amplified speaker. After being turned on together with the main amplified speaker, it is in this area. The mid and high frequencies inside have been improved.



1. The [FRONT front fill speakers and MON stage monitor speakers] both use [M600].

2.Using SysTune software can help us observe the on-site SPL, STI, RT, etc., we must learn and use it well, it is a good helper for us to do on-site.

Finally, thank you Guangdong Yinjiang for sharing the activity.

I hope you can make good use of it.

REYN AUDIO classic sound system

Create a multiplier effect for each of your performances!


Special Thanks

Sound Engineering【Guangdong Yinjiang Performance Co., Ltd.】

Sound engineer [Feng Jicheng] (the first right in the picture below)

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