“The Kings Create A Glory Ceremony” Lead You to Shuttle Between Virtual and Reality

Time flies, the “King of Glory” as a contemporary popular mobile game has been released for five years.

The annual anniversary celebration is also full of spectacles and eye-catching. The well-planned anniversary party, no matter its special effects or stage lighting design, it always receives countless praise.

On the evening of November 1, the fifth anniversary celebration "The Kings Create A Glory Ceremony" was broadcasted on the in-game TV station and the King’s Camp, as well as major live broadcasts, video, community and other cooperative platforms. Numerous stars appeared on stage to sing, which can be described as extraordinary lively.

Through XR technology, AR technology and stage performance etc., the 5th anniversary celebration uses extremely immersive performances and narratives to restore the magnificent world built by "Glory of the King" in the past five years.

It also presents different scenes and emotional expression through different levels of lighting design and interpretation.
Use nearly 1200 units ACME professional stage lighting including Chiron, Spartan Hybrid, Pageant 600Z, ThunderStruck, Dotline360, Stage Par Color etc.

Equipped with 2 sets theONE weather generators and 2 sets ATMe mist generators from Canada MDG, it create a new visual interpretation based on different styles of songs and different content.

The grand dream stage also selected 2 sets of TrACME dynamic video tracking system, with 8 moving head lights for safe and convenient modern chasing light.

In order to enhance the memory of the ceremony, the main creative team enlarged the unique a thousand lamps of "Glory of the King" on the IP. A thousand lamps is a carrier of all players’ dreams, and for every year’s anniversary players will come to the a thousand lamps pact. Through a thousand lamps, it bundle and strengthen the label of the anniversary celebration.

The event champion team of the "Glory of Kings" all staff also appeared on the stage and went to the glory ceremony. Those players who everyone is familiar with and imprinted the edge of e-sports with passion and youth ever stand back on stage and share their glorious moments with everyone.

The beautiful ACME lighting and MDG fog special effects, coupled with TrACME’s modern chasing light technology, supplemented by the LOGO above the center of the stage, waterfall screen river course, drop-shaped stage, giant Nuwa and other scenes, create extremely immersive stage effect, lead the summoners to shuttle between virtual and reality, travel through the magnificent world of kings.

The 5th anniversary celebration "The Kings Create a Glory Ceremony" makes dreams reality and the new interpretation brings players different and fresh experience in the intersecting reality!
The Kings Create A Glory Ceremony
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Special thanks
General Lighting Design: Chen Jie
Lighting design: Big league team
Executive Company: Beijing Yuning Brothers Stage Beauty Equipment Installation Engineering Co., Ltd.
Some image sources: WORLDSHOW & network video

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