Tmall 616 Happy Night, Shopping Spree, Surprises Constantly Storm Hits Mid-year Shopping Event

Open up new surprises in life-Hunan Satellite TV's Tmall Happy Night Live Broadcasting Ceremony, jointly created by Hunan Satellite TV and Tmall, arrived as scheduled at 20:00 last night. Only one hour after the broadcast, Tmall Happy Night has harvested 45 hot searches on the entire network. The six networks ranked first in real-time ratings, and the popularity of the network was amazing.


The core concept of this grand event is "happy". Tmall Happy Night, which uses cross-screen linkage to communicate with users in depth, is clearly leading the new trend of the 618 party. Regardless of the lineup, the behind-the-scenes team, the content of the party, the upgrade of the stage and the innovation of the gameplay, Tmall Happy Night has handed in a surprise answer.


Performances range from national singers to top performers, with a strong appeal for audiences of all ages and a guarantee of fun.In addition to the amazing singing and dancing performances, Tmall happy night also provides massive benefits, shake interaction, guest game interaction, happy blind box and other upgraded benefits interactive gameplay, giving fans a lot of surprises.


The stage design is divided into the main stage and six space, six surprise space linkage, "immersive" to create a thrilling "Tmall Surprise City".Through the novel stage space, guests interaction, singing and dancing performances, game benefits and other attractions are presented one by one, and finally constitute a beautiful new life map.

Absolutely,the stage design, visual and multimedia technologies are upgraded comprehensively to create an audio-visual feast that complements interactive creativity.Relying on the theme concept of Tmall 618 "Life always has new surprises", the event creates an immersive interactive space "Tmall Surprise City", which becomes the key space to seamlessly integrate the consumption scene and the star stage performance.And the lighting just gives each space different feeling, present the characteristic of different space perfectly.

The lighting scale is grand. More than 1620 units of ACME professional Lighting were selected:AECO 20, SOLARE FLARE, SPARTAN HYBRID, CHIRON, SOLARIS, DOTLINE 360, GEMINI and STAGE PAR COLOUR, as well as leading four MDG TheOne.With excellent and stable expressive force, flexible and changeable beam effect, cast a full tension audio-visual feast.

The AECO 20, which has just been launched, is once again widely recognized for its personal charm: a high quality light fixture that integrates the functions of light beam, GOBO, wash and framing.Create high quality light output, pure light color, extremely high color restoration, is absolutely the best choice of stage lightings.


Embracing new consumption and leading new lifestyle, the event provides positive emotional energy to the society and the audience with wonderful content as the carrier, and returns the purpose of this shopping festival to the original intention of shopping -- happiness, and conveys the concept of a better new life.。

ACME, always remembers the original motto: "Innovative, Smart, Reliable", and will continue to do so.

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