The First FASHION POWER Global Fashion Festival New Trend Style

From 13th to 14th June, the first two-day FASHION POWER Global Fashion Festival, top luxury children's new products, was staged in Xiamen, Fujian Talent Exchange, bringing a trendy feast of children's fashion.

This global fashion festival is co-sponsored by many fashion apparel and cultural communication companies and units. The FASHION POWER global fashion festival joins hands with the children's unit of Paris Fashion Week to tour in Xiamen. This is the first time the world's top brand children's wear has appeared in Xiamen, and it is also a top luxury new product The first release in Fujian Province hopes to let more Xiamen citizens understand and come into contact with the extraordinary charm of international luxury ready-to-wear garments.

This grand ceremony is a cross-border collaboration between the well-known Joy Joa children's clothing and the returned Chinese artist's "The Corner in the Garden" series of oil paintings. The flower fairies shuttle through the dreamlike color garden and shine in the grand ceremony! Folli Follie, an international luxury brand, also brought its fashionable children's clothing to the audience in this grand ceremony! The protagonists of this festival are dozens of outstanding supermodels who have participated in the global fashion festival catwalk, and they are full of fashion.


To ensure the effect of the first show of the top luxury children's clothing in Fujian at this global fashion festival, the stage beauty is produced in accordance with the standards of Milan and Paris International Fashion Week, and will be displayed at the Qianping High-altitude Show in the new Talent Exchange Building! The design of the Talent Hall is fashionable and novel, and the unique high-altitude show is 11 meters high, surrounded by mountain views and sea views. In order to let each child get out of the best condition and present the best effect of the big show, the stage is a "back"-shaped stage close to 100 meters in length. The scene is equipped with 400 square meters of LEDs, and the whole process is broadcast live at the same time. Models and guests brought extremely shocking audio-visual enjoyment.


The stage performance of this grand ceremony is eye-catching, and the lighting equipment is naturally the finishing touch. A variety of professional lamps from ACME are specially selected: PAGEANT 600Z II, SOLARIS, SABER BEAM FX, XA-1000 BSWF II, and signal amplifier CA-RS16. The scenes may be fresh and natural, or domineering, showing the audience the characteristics of different styles perfectly, presenting a unique fashion feast!


This fashion festival showcases children’s self-confidence and innocent charm, leading a new round of fashion trends. At the same time, the entire event embodies the children’s vision for the future, allowing their dreams to take root in their hearts and becoming a new generation of dream catchers!


ACME has been committed to the development and production of professional lighting equipment, let dreams soar, and make dreams come true!

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