2021 Taihu Midi Music Festival Rock and Roll

After more than 700 days and nights, the much-anticipated "Taihu Midi" has returned! In the brand new 160,000 square meter venue, we "started from scratch" together!


"Beautiful Music in Liyang, Rock Dragon Boat Festival"-June 12th ~ June 14th, 2021 Liyang • Taihu Midi Music Festival sang in the south of Jiaoweiqin Park. This three-day music grand carnival focused on the eyes of everyone, adding new annotations to the "beautiful music" land that has stretched for two thousand years in Liyang, deepening the "free" city attribute, and activating the early summer enthusiasm of everyone.


The Midi Music Festival is not only about music, but also committed to being the leader of the cool lifestyle of young people. There is an exclusive art creative interactive market for the Midi Music Festival, which has grown together with the Midi Music Festival for many years, providing a comprehensive display and communication platform for artists, designers, handmakers, and independent brand teams. In addition, a special flea market area was set up on the site to encourage everyone from afar to exchange goods, sell second-hand idles, earn road expenses with their strength, and implement an environmentally sustainable and green lifestyle to the end.


There are five stages in this music festival: Tang, Warring States, Ming, Qing, and Children's fans with different styles and personalities. It is the midi music festival with the largest number of stages in recent years. Among them, "Tang" is the position of many powerful bands taking turns to take the stage. "Warring States" focuses on heavy music; "Ming" is the stage of folk songs, which is the first appearance after 5 years; the English name of "Qing" is "Young". A new and cutting-edge band that receives attention; "Children" is a space for 6 to 17-year-olds to show their strength.


Five special stages brought together more than 100 groups of domestic rock musicians to sing on stage. The stage lighting uses nearly a thousand ACME fixtures: SOLAR FLARE,CHIRON, NEOZONE, THUNDERBOLT, and COOLIE 545, A variety of lamps work together to build a dream stage.


For example ,SOLAR FLARE has the characteristics of pure color, uniform spot, high output, and strong penetrating power. It shows the style of the five major stages to the extreme, creating an excellent immersive audio-visual experience.


The small size and high energy BW-545 with its powerful light output and excellent dyeing effect meets the needs of broad and powerful dyeing effects on the stage.


Swim in the vast ocean of music, shining in the colorful lights! ACME create a better life with you.

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