ACME at "Dombula" Festival Show in Kazakhstan

On July 4,2021, Our central Asian neighbour Kazakhstan celebrated its third festival of Dongbla, a festival of traditional instruments, with a great celebration at a local television station, Almaty TV Channel.


The festival centered on the national musical instrument “Dongbula”. Different styles of Dongbula music were melodious and touching and directly reached the heart of the Kazakhstan people, delivering warmth and strength!


Various lights are used in the festival : SPARTAN HYBRID,WHACK,PAGEANT 600Z II,PAGEANT 300ZR II,STAGE BLINDER IP VW,GLORY FRAMING 5000. SPARTAN HYBRID has a fine lineage of fashion and atmosphere, coupled with strong light output and full sharpness, creating a dynamic and gorgeous stage effect. STAGE BLINDER IP VW, with adjustable warm white temperature, high brightness beam with a variety of speed strobe effect, easy to create professional lighting with highlighted background. Numerous lamps and lanterns create stunning and dazzling stage effects that are breath-taking, presenting an extremely beautiful visual feast.


The introduction of Dombra?


The traditional instrument Dombra(English) о быра(Kazakhstan) is the traditional plucked instrument of The Kazak. There are three legends of the traditional Plucked instrument Of the Kazakh people: the old herdman Akan, the soul partner of people, and the tree that can sing. It shows the long history of the Dombra and its wide range of sounds, which is very suitable for the fast rhythm Wild music, widely circulated in Kazakhstan and has a considerable status.



Dongbla is widespread in northern Kazakhstan, central Kazakhstan in the Jetsu region, Dongbula shares a common destiny with the Kazakh nation, and it has passed down the national spiritual wealth to the present. The famous dongbula players often have special cultural influence, and there are some exhibits related to Dongbula in the museums of Kazakhstan.


In June 2018, the first President of Kazakhstan designated the first Sunday of July as Dongbula Day in Kazakhstan, to better preserve and inherit the traditional culture of dongbula national musical instrument

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