ACME Lighting at CCTV National Day Gala - Tell Chinese Dream and Praise Motherland

In celebration of the 72nd anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, on the evening of October 1, the Special Program "Ode to Chinese Dream and the Motherland-2021 National Day" was broadcast by China Central Television (CCTV), in which ACME constructed the stage lighting with multiple fixtures, taking this opportunity to offer sincere blessings to the Motherland!

The National Day Gala lasted 3 months to create, from stage design to prop arrangement, from performance choreography to performance presentation. Every part was carefully polished with great attention to every detail, thus achieving high ratings and praise.

The gorgeous colors on the stage of the Gala with the real and natural look and feel come from the 100 units of AECO 20 above, giving the audience an excellent visual experience. AECO 20 units ensure beams irradiating from 360-degree angles without dead zones, with pure and extremely high color reproduction, making up the main surface lighting throughout the whole Gala. It creates the best quality stage in every aspect, not only drawing the audience closer but also having a stunning effect.

On the imaginative and expressive stage, ACME perfectly blends the beauty of art and the hard core of technology merger into one, presenting the superb picture to the audience and offering the most heartfelt wishes to the motherland!

ACME List of Fixture:


Special Thanks

Chief Lighting Designer: Wu Guoqiang

Pictures and videos are credited from the Internet

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