ACME Lighting Once Again Strongly Supports TikTok

As the annual IP of TikTok, "TikTok Wonderful Night" has been held for 3 consecutive years. On the evening of October 15th, "TikTok Wonderful Night" with "Everyone is the Light of Someone" as the theme of the year, together with more than 30 celebrities and more than 100 creators on the stage carnival, to light up the night sky of Nanjing, fully release the dazzling light!

This year’s Wonderful Night’s stage lasted more than 160 days, with a total of 1,176 creators participating. The party consisted of a main stage and six small stages. The small stage included a water stage, a trampoline platform, and a high-altitude stage. The stage was cut into 7 pieces. The innovative and ingenious stage design made people amazed.

Over 4,000 fixtures were used on the scene to cover the sky and the background, forming the effect of starlight enclosing the sky. ACME once again appeared on the TikTok annual stage, and specially selected nearly 2,000 fixtures to cross the stage, which fully demonstrated the demeanor of the "Evening Party on TikTok".

Over a hundred of AECO 20, with pure colors and extremely high color reproduction, not only output high-quality surface light effects for the stage, but also rich patterns and prism effects, creating a colorful stage.

Nearly 200 units of 3-in-1 hybrid moving light LEO, using high-quality imported light source, outstanding dyeing function and variable strobe speed, greatly meet the rendering effects of different styles on the stage. More than 1,000 units of outdoor par SANDANE are placed in the background of the stage, the 54xRGBW LEDs layout sources release dazzling light effects, with nearly 100 units of high-powered strobe light THUNDERSTRUCK and moving wash PAGEANT 600Z, with different levels sensational lighting creates an exclusive stage. The visual shock of psychedelic colors and various performances complement each other with explosion and publicity. The extraordinary stage ignites the audience!


A stage of beauty and wonder shines on everyone through the starlight stage, radiating the beauty and wonder in our hearts.

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