ACME Lighting Devote the Passion to The 11th City Games of Wuhan

On the evening of October 17, the 11th City Games of Wuhan of Wuhan was grandly opened at the Wuhan Sports Center! As the first large-scale sports meeting after the initial victory of the epidemic, its opening ceremony attracted nearly 14,000 spectators .

Haibaina Stage Design Studio served as the chief designer of the stage effects for the opening ceremony. This stage lighting specially selected more than 1,000 ACME fixtures to construct the "Road to Dream".


50 units of AECO 20 are placed on the top of the stage, using innovative HCRI LED light source. With the excellent color performance and extremely high color reproduction, they can easily meet the needs of the main surface of the stage.

Besides, nearly 400 units of moving beam fixtures LIBRA, whose small beam angle can produce the effect of sharp and straight light vibrant colors and dynamic functions, give the stage a magical and colorful style.


Moreover, there are 300 units of 4-In-1 BSWF hybrid moving head fixtures SOLAR FLARE II, which integrate powerful beams, outstanding dyeing functions, multiple pattern dynamic light effects with a smooth and fast cutting system. It is a "specialist" for the stage lighting of the opening ceremony.


Lastly, approximately 300 units of fixtures (STAGE BLINDER IP WW2 and STAGE PAR COLOUR and classic effect lights SOLARIS), create a flexible performance style with dazzling light effects and multiple strobe speeds. A variety of ACME fixtures work together to perfectly integrate vitality and passion into the stage of the performances of songs and dances, illuminating the characteristics of Wuhan and highlighting the spirit of sportsmanship !


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