ACME Leaves the Beauty in Miss Ukraine Universe 2021

The Miss Ukraine Universe organization hosted the coronation ceremony for the 2021 edition on 21st October 2021, where stunning delegates from all over the country competed for the national crown and an opportunity for to represent the country at the upcoming edition of Miss Universe pageant.

The main element of scenography from TRI directors. Huge scenery that looked like a woman's head, which also became a portal for the participants. And Lighting artist Женя Костыра in the process of creating a light setup chose the concept of straight lines, dictated by the scenography and emphasized the musicality of the show and the fashion show of the participants, which were synthesized with the performances of the artists. The futuristic image of the central composition in the form of a head was set around it by light rays resembling a neon lightbox and emphasizing the idea of high-tech.

This stage lighting specially selected a lot of ACME fixtures, such as the new ACME Gemini , with its excellent color mixing effect and a variety of strobe, Gemini is extraordinary for TV shows, installations, concerts, or other large-scale events. And ACME Dotline, offers excellent color lines and smooth output across the two independent zoom zones .

The production team has reached the ultimate perfect fit in the stage, lighting, and visual production, thus delivering a wonderful and shocking show for us!

Special thanks Alight!

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