ACME Illuminates The 6th Anniversary Ceremony of the Arena Of Valor


On the evening of October 30, the 6th anniversary of the Arena Of Valor was perfectly held in Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center.


The lighting design of this ceremony was designed by Mr. Huang Tao as the chief designer and led by the Dingsheng team. A large number of real-looking architectural shapes combined with multiple CNC light stands, and matched with the performance atmosphere to enrich the stage level.


The magnificent stage beauty injects vitality into the visual presentation effect, and this ceremony chose more than a thousand ACME professional fixtures to build an extraordinary glory stage based on traditional aesthetics. The powerful output and rich colors of 300 units of AECO 20 were harnessed to light up the whole stage.


Nearly 300 units of 3-in1 hybrid moving head fixtures LEO and SPARTAN HYBRID with flexible zoom angle, rich prism dynamic effect and excellent dyeing function, release gradual magical lights, and create different rendering atmospheres in different performances, providing flexible creative space for lighting designer.

Many multi-effect fixtures GEMINI are suspended above the stage, and their beam and strobe double-sided design are favored by many lighting designer. The great beam effect creates a colorful light and shadow effect, and the high-brightness and fast stroboscopic flash effect creates a strong visual impact.


Over 700 units of beam fixtures CHIRON release sharp and bright beam. This effect is combined with LED Bar Dotline360 and STAGE PAR COLOUR, which perfectly present many elements of traditional culture in the stage design, It outlines the stage of "Oriental Aesthetics" for the audience and game players.


The 2021 co-creation night, highly restored the classic city of the king's world and created a highly immersive stage effect, leading players to jump through the king's world to shuttle between virtual and reality.

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