ACME Hybrid Moving Light Installed in Theme Park

ACME fixtures were installed in the first multi-ethnic cultural light and shadow theme park to show citizens and tourists the charm of various ethnic tribes. The production team combined local ancient legends, characteristic ethnic tribal culture and biodiversity characteristics to create a 2.3-kilometer-long immersion night tour line in the theme park.

Among them, many ACME fixtures outline a dazzling world of light and shadow, creating scenes of unique visual feasts. For example, in the "Auspicious Dai Township" show, the core attraction tower was used as the background, with naked-eye 3D images. ACME 4-In-1 BSWF HYBRID MOVING LIGHT GEIST BSWF releases a powerful and uniform beam effect to illuminate the beautiful peacock dance.

And in "The Wonderful Homeland",the story is based on the myth of creation of all things born from fish, 4-In-1 BSWF HYBRID MOVING LIGHT GEIST BSWF better presents the characteristic culture of the Hani's terraced fields with its excellent color mixing function and rendering effect.

Through multi-party cooperation with the production team, ACME participated in multiple links including project planning, design, scene construction, and visual presentation, showing the characteristic ethnic diversity of colorful Yunnan, and bringing the audience a tourism experience with ethnic characteristics!

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