Over 200 ACME Fixtures for the International Fashion Week

The 2021 Xiamen International Fashion Week opened with a stunning start! In this fashion week, more mature and new brands also showed us the latest exploration of Chinese elements. ACME is honored to be part of this event to create a high-quality stage atmosphere with outstanding lighting performance.

12 fashion brands from different cities and fields in China have given Xiamen International Fashion Week a new look through offline shows and online live broadcasts!

LSV.SHOW Zhou Wuwen and Heiwa acted as the stage lighting design for the fashion week. The fashion interpretation shows of different brands collided with various Chinese elements to create the ultimate fashion atmosphere.

Hundreds of BSWF hybrid moving lights SOLAR FLARE II are distributed throughout the stage,it masterfully combines Beam, Spot and Wash capability with a 4-blade framing shutter - making four functions in one solidly-build unit.This fixture perfectly presents the stage effect of fashion week.The led wash moving fixture PAGEANT 600Z II is equipped with 37x15W multi color RGBW 4-in-1 LEDs that produce vivid colors and excellent color mixing effects,creating dynamic effect on stage. And hundreds of beam moving lights CHIRON present a full beam effect, which run steadily and quickly, creating a sharp and strong visual perception for the stage.Under the lighting effects, an extraordinary fashion blockbuster is coming, opening up a new way of fashionable life for us!

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