ACME help to present a Chinese Han Style International Fashion Show

Early this month, an immersive fashion show was held at the Red T Fashion Creative Blok in Jianghan Economic Development District in Wuhan. The Wuhan Fashion Week in 2021 was taken as a ten-year appointment between Wuhan and fashion and it invited 13 designers and 10 fashion brands to join in. From the opening show to the 23 fashion shows, this trendy fashion week well presented the background of traditional Chinese culture and explored the beauty of "Han" with fashion tentacles.

Exquisite Hanfu, elegant cheongsam, and cool fashion costumes made this Wuhan Fashion Week present some brand new different experiences of "Han Style". The stage design was full of traditional cultural elements and textures, which demonstrated Wuhan's courageous feelings for building an international metropolis.

The ultimate stage lighting rig was integrated into the "Han" elements, bringing a fashion show of national trends and styles. The lighting director of this fashion week was Mr. Zou Xuehai, who has picked nearly 1000 units of ACME fixtures to support his design. More than 100pcs SOLAR IMPULSE was performed as the main stage lighting. It has combined uniform wash, nice spot, strong beam, and smooth framing effect into one body, and supplemented by a big range zoom and high color rendition filter. What's more, accompanied by the brilliant colorful wash OXOZONE, the classic hybrid lamp fixture SABER HYBRID III, and multiple effect par lights STAGE PAR COLOUR, they all worked closely to create colorful light effects to embellish different styles of fashion during the show.

2021 Wuhan Fashion Week realized the “online and offline integration” for the fashion show for the first time, turned the catwalk stage into a live broadcast room, and vigorously promoted the show brands. At the same time, it has also shown that the beauty of "Han Style" is the beauty of Wuhan, the beauty of the country, and the beauty of the times.

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