Disney+Philippine Joins Hand with ACME to Create an Enchanting Wonderland

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, The Lion King, Zootopia, Frozen…these are the names you are not unfamiliar with. The world was fed these influential The Walt Disney Company’s animations and movie that people of all ages, races, and cultures can resonate with. Its touching and chirpy stories pass on wisdom and virtue that deeply shape our view on the world and ourselves. To expand its reach to more people, Disney Plus was created, a streaming service with a huge library of shows and movies from Disney's many brands Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic, as well as Star in some regions.

Photo by Disney+ PH

And this bodes well for the Filipinos. Disney Plus started streaming in the Philippines on November 17. At that night a celebration show 'A Night of Wonder' was held in front of the iconic Mall of Asia and other landmarks which were transformed into splendid stages for the music performances from some of the Philippines’ most talented performers Phoenix Morissette, Christian Bautista, Zephanie, Zack Tabudlo, Janella Salvador, and SB19’s main vocalist and lead dancer Stell.

Photo by Disney+ PH

These beloved singers’ beautiful voices touched our strings and ACME’s magical lighting in the background built an unforgettable dream, making a dramatic signature. First of all, GLORY FOLLOWSPOT II adopts an OSRAM Lok-it! 1000/PS Brilliant. Iris range from 5% to 100% and a zoom ratio of 5˚ to 20 widen your application. 7 different color temperature filters in the compact body enables a CCT range from 2700K to 5600K. What distinguishes it from other ACME products is that a customized tripod which enables smooth pan and tilt movement, contributing a comfortable and stable feel for you.

Photo by Disney+ PH

Now introduce to you the solar family: The SOLAR IMPULSE and SOLAR FLARE. Both masterly combine beam, spot and wash with framing - making four functions in one solidly-build unit. High CRI mode (90/70) renders beautiful, vibrant tones. Dual standard & power saving mode lasts your operation longer. High-efficiency zoom optical system with zoom range of 5-50° (ratio 1:10) gives you truly cinematic sense of light. Furthermore, they adopted 2 new material frost, 1 4-facet prism rotatable in either direction, 1 rotatable and replaceable animation wheel with water, wave and flame effects and 1 color wheel of same 5 colors plus white. The differences lie on their gobo quantities. SOLAR IMPULSE has 1 rotating gobo wheel with 6 gobos plus open while SOLAR FLARE comes with 1 rotating gobo wheel of 6 patterns plus open, 1 static gobo wheel of 8 patterns plus open.

Photo by Disney+ PH

CHIRON delivers well-defined mid-air color mixing effect with its straight, sharp 2˚ beam, 16 static gobos, 14 colors and dual prisms. The illumination level reaches to an impressive 886,000 lux@5m. There’s also THUNDERBOLT, which embodies 144 15W LEDs, delivering an incredible 50,000 lumens with super-fast strobe performance.

Photo by Disney+ PH

GEMINI, one of ACME’s bestsellers, shines as it moves on every stage. Beam mode has 5 60W RGBW LEDs of precise pixel control. Strobe mode has 36 18W CW LEDs. An astounding lumen output of 41,000lm presents the most lush, vivid and bright light. 2.8°-46° beam light and 96°-116°strobe light are well fitted for highlighting specific objects or a spacious area. 2 pairs of locking points under the base and 2 fixed foldable clamps for 50mm truss.


All in all, ‘A Night of Wonder with Disney+’ showcases content highlights from Disney+’s six iconic brands – Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic, and Star – and weaves them together with Filipino beautiful landmarks and ACME’s wonderful set of lighting fixtures.

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Pro Beatbox Entertainment Concept Corporation

ACME Gear:

2 units GLORY FOLLOWSPOT II (XP-1000FS II) 2pcs



GEMINI (CM 560Z) 32pcs

CHIRON (XP-380 BEAM II) 70pcs

THUNDERBOLT (LP-14410) 28pcs

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