New Arrival 丨ACME Static Wash-Stage Par Tungsten

LED light source with high luminous efficiency, low energy consumption and 115W maximum power

Small size, only 3.5Kg, technology leading peer similar products

Double hanger design, flexible adjustment in the air or on the ground, multiple installation options

Fast lock design realizes quick installation and light disassembly, save time and improve work efficiency

Protection grade IP66: waterproof and dust-proof whether indoor or outdoor, can meet a variety of site requirements

Excellent noise control, low noise under 38dB@1m, can be used for conference centers, exhibition halls and other places

OLED display screen, fast response speed, greatly improve operation efficiency

0~100% smooth dimming, various strobe speeds, easy to create the constant blinding effect

Compact design, energy efficiency, convenient installation and maintenance, It's not simply a stripped-down par light. Stage Par Tungsten perfectly interprets ACME persistence on continuous improvement.


Light Source: 1 x 125W LED module 
Color Temperature: 2700K /1200K (Tungsten Mode)
Beam Angle: 50° 
Protection Rating: IP66
Power Voltage: AC 100~240V, 50/60Hz
Dimension: 247x234x307mm
Weight: 3.5Kg