ACME TS-300, Makes the Perfect Focus on You

In the current society, large-scale cultural performances, large-scale exposition, party, theatre performances, television news and other cultural and entertainment activities have become an indispensable part of our lives, spotlights are essential for these activities, lighting products. Now we bring you ACME latest LED spotlight-TS-300.

Our selling point

1) High color rendering, high power LED spotlight, noise control within 35db/m, it’s the industry's leading product;

2) Patent hanger design, change the traditional point to the opposite of the locking method, through the development of new face-to-face locking method to increase the friction between the hanger lock, to avoid the surrounding vibration caused by the main body of the lamp easy to loose and lighting angle Change the situation;

3) Standard with the standard cover in addition to four standard shading leaves, but also with four pieces to help the whole shade of the leaflets, to achieve a complete front shading and regulation as one; optional ACME patented design of the rotating shadow, each piece of shading leaves can be independent rotation, the special shading scene played a great role;

4) Smooth 3.5 times electric zoom, so you can adjust in any occasion quickly and easily;

5) Lamps built-in silent fan, while the use of thermal convection principle design, greatly enhance the cooling effect, improve the utilization of lamps in 

the site;

6) The material is mainly made of plastic parts, aluminum, sheet metal, simple and beautiful design, while greatly reducing the weight of the fuselage, 

reducing transportation and installation costs.