ACME LIBRA – Designed to Meet Market Demands

In order to meet the performance demands of a broad range of applications and budgets, ACME has introduced a new member to its long lifespan fixture family, the LIBRA XP-380 BSW. An upgraded version of ACME’s popular XP-16R BSW, the LIBRA XP-380 BSW boasts significant improvements to every feature.

The control panel is now waterproof, with a clear LCD color display and simple, touch button operation to ease set-up. The light source is now a Philips MSD 18 R LL long-life lamp, which extends the lamp-life to 6000 hours, while offering greater luminous flux and better output. Mounting is also improved, with integrated fixed clamps making installation easier and faster than before. The fixture’s X/Y axis uses advanced positioning technology, making the reset not only more accurate, but faster and more stable than the XP-16R BSW.


What’s more, the color temperature of the LIBRA is increased to 8000K, and it’s equipped with a linear zoom (3-32°) and focus system to satisfy a wide variety of performance demands. In ‘Beam Mode’, the angle is 3- 7° for a more intense, bright beam. In ‘Wash Mode’, the beam angle ranges from 18- 23°, while Spot Mode offers a range of 5-32°.


Effects-wise, the fixture includes 1 color wheel with 14 colors plus open, making it easy to achieve excellent color macro functions and a two-way rotating rainbow effect. Also included are 17 fixed gobos plus open, plus 12 rotating gobos plus open, offering a wide choice of graphics and beam shape options.

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The fixture’s heavy frost can be superimposed over the 8-facet and 6-facet prisms to further increase the variety of effects.


The system uses magnetic encoder positioning correction technology to ensure accurate positioning of the X/Y axis, ensuring accurate repositioning after high-speed operation. Its high-speed movement includes Pan of 540˚ and Tilt of 270˚.

The new light source is a Philips MSD Platinum 18R LL (long-life) lamp, which is exclusive to ACME among Chinese manufacturers. This lamp uses smart sleep mode and instant wake-up technology to extend the life of the lamp up to 6,000 hours – around four times that of previous comparable lamp. When the light source is turned on and the shutter is closed, the lamp will automatically enter sleep mode, maintaining a low-power sleep state until activated, when it instantly awakes, without preheating, to reach full-power operation.


The LIBRA has a variety of interface options, and with a net weight of just 21kg is a very lightweight fixture, easy to transport, install and maintain. Its one-piece integrated hooks for 50mm truss frames are standard, while it also features a hook for 70mm diameter truss frames.


The LIBRA has Beam, Spot and Wash functions, while its 6000-hour lamp-life greatly reduces the ongoing cost of lamp replacement. Fast, light and accurate, its effects variety delivers a strong visual impact for any performance. It also provides high-quality choices for bars, parties, roadshows and other professional performance venues.

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