The Secret to Prevent the Lighting From Moisture

The mould rain is a weather phenomenon in the southern part of China. It usually refers to the phenomenon of indoor resurgence when the temperature starts to warm up and the humidity starts to rise every spring.


Normally, the mould rain will arise from March and April, and during this period, it is the most serious. The humidity of the air will increase greatly, and the surface of floors, walls, mirrors, and metals will even be covered with water droplets, especially for electronic and electrical products. This is a great hazard and makes us miserable.


The ACME stage light is composed of precision machinery and complex electronic circuits. Moisture is the deadly enemy of the lighting quality.


After the lamp is eroded by moisture, it will cause a layer of water film to condense inside the component or material surface of the lamp and penetrate into the material, thereby causing the surface conductivity of the insulating material to increase, the volume resistivity to decrease, and the dielectric loss to increase, leading to parts Electrical appliances are short-circuited, leaked, or broken down. When glass pattern sheets, color filters, lenses, etc. are exposed to moisture, uneven heating will occur, and delamination and cracking will occur. Especially when the bulb is exposed to moisture, it is extremely prone to hit. Bad bubbles such as fire, bubbling, and frying.


Therefore, the lamps need to pay special attention to moisture.

How to prevent the moisture? ACMEhas his own ideas.

The lighting cabinets to prevent the moisture.

1.For various reasons (such as long-distance transportation, performance date changes, etc.) that cause the stage lighting products cannot be used in a timely and normal manner. Be sure to use a dry packing box (or flight case) and place it in a dry indoor environment.

2.It is recommended to use a desiccant and other methods for storage to avoid long-term exposure to the air, which may cause the product to absorb moisture and cause abnormalities in stage lighting products.

Application Moisture-proof

1.The end-user and on-site customer should open the lamp frequently or regularly. If it has not been used for more than 15 days, or has used the lamp in a high humidity environment, it should be checked before use.

2.If moisture is found on the surface of the lamp, such as water droplets and water vapor, dehumidify it first. For example: open the case, wipe, ventilate, dry, etc.

3.Wait until it is completely dry before turning on the power. You can also edit simple programs, such as the method of gradually increasing the brightness and operating functions every half an hour. The purpose is to remove the parts (such as fans, motors, bearings, etc.) by slowly heating up Accumulated moisture.

Environment Moisture-proof

1.The indoor and outdoor lamps should be used reasonably separately to avoid being used in environments with high humidity and high acid and alkali.

2.The harsh use environment will corrode the lamp, causing it to suffer irreversible damage, or greatly reducing the reliability of the performance parameters of the lamp and increasing the chance of accidental failure, resulting in unstable lamps and shortened life.

3.It is recommended to avoid installing in the environment of the project being decorated in advance. The humidity and high acid and alkali environment brought by the decoration will also easily aggravate the defective rate of the lamps.

During the epidemic prevention and control period,

don't forget to take care of your lamp ~


Hope to leave mould rain soon, the virus will dissipate soon!

Let us stand together under the sun and feel the scorching sun!

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