ACME Sunrise Makes the Performance Colorful

Product introduction video for ACME Sunrise

The name SUNRISE means that this fixture will bring brightness and vitality. The beam of light can be reflected in every corner of the world to provide bright and colorful lighting effect for every show.




It is a combination of Beam and Wash effect, which can not only produce multi-angle beams according to the field requirements, but also has great advantages for field rendering.


With its break-through 1000W / 6500K LED technology, offers an excellent output performance of 60,000lumens, wide zoom range (1:15 ratio, 5-72˚).


Switch to high CRI mode with high CRI filter, Ra>90 ,Ra>70, can achieve high quality light output.


Linear CMY color mixing and Linear CTO color correction, and is equipped with two color wheels that can produce two-way rainbow effect, can quickly switch 11 fixed colors Plug white.


A heavy frost filter is made of brand new material, can achieve a wider and more uniform spot.


Equipped with independent patented framing shutters, 4x fast and smooth framing shutters, each individually controllable, and the entire framing module can be rotated at ±60°.


16-bit Pan/Tilt Resolution, Pan movement at 540°,Tilt movement at 270°, with automatic Pan/Tilt position correction and Pan/Tilt lock function, guarantees its stability.


Standard equipped with LCD display, built-in nickel metal hydride battery can normally operate the control system in case of power failure, Adapt multiple modes and interfaces, such as 3-pin and 5-pin XLR, RJ-45. Protocols adopt DMX512, Art-Net and RDM. Two Control channels at 27 and 18, can upgrade firmware via DMX link & USB.


Maximum power consumption is 1500W, new heat pipe cooling technology is adopted to solve heat dissipation efficiently and reduce noise effectively. Equipped with clamp for 50mm Truss, it also reserves the position for 70mm Truss, Convenient for quick loading and unloading.


The customized flight case provides more secure transportation protection for the lighting.

The energy saving and environmental friendly ACME Sunrise includes the functions of beam, wash and framing, is an ideal player for any large-scale concert, opening and closing ceremony of the sports meeting ,video shoots, fashion shows and more.
Sunrise is to create a large area of dyeing and paving effect and a colorful atmosphere for the show.

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