ACME ORION Long Life Beam Moving Head, Born for Glory!

Half year has passed since the released of ACME CHIRON beam light, which with high light efficiency, high speed and long life. In the past six months, CHIRON has been highly praised, and it can be seen in many large-scale performances.

With such a good market reputation and market share, in order to meet the needs of different applications and users, the longevity family has ushered in a "new life", which is ACME ORION!


Why does ACME spare no effort to invest a lot of R&D resources in single-function stage lighting while major manufacturers are trying to manufacture multi-functional fixture?

That’s because ACME has been committed to all-round development, not only to become the leader in multi-functional fixture, but also to make ACME single-function stage lighting can also achieve professional expertise. This is also one of the causes to produce ORION.


The Orion utilizes the same size lens found in the Chiron, both of them is 143mm, can generate a 2 degrees beam angle, at 5 meters distance illuminance is up to 950000 lux.

Its beam is ultra-sharp, narrow long-throw and extremely concentrated, will enhance the performance effectively with its super-tight beam produced through this high quality lens.


Moreover, it houses an excellent projection static gobo wheel with 16 gobos plus open & a Marco effect color wheel with 14 colors plus open, it’s rainbow effects is wealth and quality; With motorized focus, 0-100% smooth dimming and various speed strobe effect; Precise & fast 16 bit PAN/TILT movement, the position correction system is available, the PAN/TILT movement can reach 540°/ 270° separately; Plus a frost filter, and 8-facet & 24-facet prisms can be overlapped & two-way rotating.


However the most amazing feature is that the Orion has adopted a customized 260W PHILIPS lamp with 6000 hours long life spam, it carry over the advanced intelligent features of XP-380 BEAM II —— Intelligent sleep mode and instantaneous wake-up function.


First let's review how the intelligent sleep mode and instantaneous wake-up functions work:


When the lamp is under working, shutter closed and no command from console, the fixture automatically enters sleep mode.

As the fixture is selected and activated from the console, the lamp will be awake instantly and run at full power.


These designs provide 6,000 hours lamp life to the Orion, 4 times more than ordinary discharge bulb, the cost of lamp replacement will be reduced dramatically.


Although they are all long-life beam lamps, the market positioning of the Orion is different from the Chiron.


The Orion has an even more compact body - size 350x253x565mm - low weight 18 kg, the color temperature up to 8000K, with an extra bright output and is able to emit a super-concentrated solid beam with only 2 degrees beam angle.


The modularized combination design and flexible fast-lock clamps are convenient for hanging installation and maintenance, makes the Orion the ideal beam moving head in small events, such as nightclub, TV, theatre, installed lighting markets & rental applications. It is also as the perfect replacement of ACME XP-5R BEAM!


Outstanding performances

Competitive pricing

Highly anticipated

The Orion is born for glory!

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