ACME GEIST BEAM, has “the soul dance” the name, is ACME the first high-power LED light beam lamp.

In more and more high power environment, GEIST BEAM by its high performance, the remarkable light beam effect and the function multiplicity fully exposes talent!

Using a powerful 450W LED light engine, color temperature 7000K, effective light diameter of 220mm, the apparent finger mode Ra 70, can produce only 3 degrees of ultra-sharp beam. Up to 360,000 lux with 5 m illumination, strong penetrating power, made remarkable effect of the air.


The standard diversity effects palette and fixed color disk with 9 colors, linear CMY color mixing system, excellent color macro effect, so that the beam in a variety of vivid tones saturated, creating a two-way rainbow effect, making the air color more diverse.


Also there are also 10 patterns of fixed pattern disk, 7 patterns of replaceable rotating pattern disk, and comes with pattern jitter effect to further add fun to your light show.


In order to make the performance atmosphere more subtle, we added an 8 prism and a 6-sided mirror, can be used in both directions rotation and overlay, plus independent atomization effect, this creating an immersive beam effect, so that you can keep your eyes on.



0-100% smooth dimming function, multiple speeds the stroboscopic effect, also be able to make quick and accurate 16-bit X/Y-axis.

X/Y position of step automatic calibration with the vertical lock, the X-axis maximum operating angle up to 540°, and the Y-axis maximum operating angle up to 270°.


The base has a touch button backlight LCD display, 3-cell or 5-cell XLR Socket Head, RJ45 input/output and the power connector input/output.

Four types of control mode (DMX512, RDM, art-net, SACN), channel mode can be selected 16 or 23 channels, you can also use the DMX or USB connection to update the software.

The net weight of the whole 27KG, power 700W, is the equivalent power of one of the largest head light.

Three operating modes can be selected, which is the super-power mode and standard mode and mute mode.

With two easy loading and unloading of the lock light hook, perfect match different applications.

You can customize the air tank for easy transport and better protect the lamps, an air tank can be installed both GEIST BEAM.


The ACME GEIST BEAM is powerful, compact structure, capable of producing sharp beam, even stripes, vivid colors and complex patterns in the air with lightning-fast running.

Such a wide range of beam visual effects, to be able to tour, large-scale performances, television programs, theater and fixed mount lighting market, opening up a new world of embedded light show amazing element!

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