ACME GEIST BSWF Breaks Through Limitation of 4 IN 1 Fixture!

ACME GEIST BSWF Product Introduction Video

ACME another new product GEIST BSWF is a feature-rich stage lighting, which is with more compact design, strengthened the function of color switch, framing system and frost system when compare with ACME first big power LED all-round light SOLAR FLARE/XA-1000 BSWF.


GEIST BSWF aims to break though the limit of LED 4 IN 1 fixture and becomes a fixture with small size, low weight and all-round function among similar products in domestic market, which it can inspire more creative inspiration for you!


The energy-saving and environmentally-friendly 410W LED engine can produce dazzling white light with extremely high light output, which is with color temperature 7000K. The light source luminous flux is 34,000 lm and the whole fixture output can reach 20,000 lm.


The high-quality optical lens with a diameter of 120 mm can produce a very uniform beam, with the high-CRI mode, RA>90, luminous flux 15,000 lm.


With a variety of speed strobes, mechanical linear iris, 0-100% smooth dimming and electric focusing system, a 1:8 zoom radio is produced in the high-resolution optical system. The zoom range is 6.5° to 54°, it can make multiple beam angles which render images perfectly. With beam angle 6.5°, the illuminance at 5 meters can reach 48,300 lux.


Smooth and fast 16-bit Pan/Tilt movement, the maximum operating angle can reach 540° and 270°, it also has an automatic correction function for out-of-step.


In terms of functional effects, it includes a 4 facet prism that can be rotated in both directions, a fixed gobo wheel with 8 patterns, 1 rotating gobo wheel with 7 patterns that can be replaced the gobo. This rotating gobo wheel can also achieve the effect of pattern rotating and jumping.


There is also a fixed color wheel with 5 bright and saturated color filters, which is matching the linear CMY color mixing system and liner CTO color temperature correction, it can bring more rich and real color experience to the audience.


The framing system composed of 4 shutters, it can achieve fast and smooth open and close, the direction and angle of each shutter can be controlled by independently. One shutter can close the light output, whole framing module can be rotated ±45°, giving the lighting designer unlimited creativity of light spot.


It uses two high-brightness atomizing frost filters, one is a light frost for softening the edge of the light spot, the other one is a medium frost for achieving a wide range of rendering effect. Two frost filters can be used independently and overlay.


It has two operation modes: auto mode and silent mode, and uses a copper tube cooling system to ensure the normal operation of the lam and effectively control the noise of the fixture.

As SOLAR FLARE mini version, GEIST BSWF net weight is 24.6kgs only, it has small base which can help fixture lose some weight and has LCD display with touch key backlight which can control fixture in the dark.


It is with standard equipped with quick-lock clamps for quick loading and unloading, as well as a compact design and light-weigh flight case as optional. The body is equipped with a simple handle with a humanized design, which can greatly save transportation costs.


ACME GEIST BSWF integrates beam, spot, wash and framing functions all in one, with small size and light weight, which is very suitable for small and medium-sized events such as stage, auto show, fashion show, etc., creating a colorful and dynamic stage. It is another good choice for lighting designers!

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