ACME THUNDER ROAR Creates Infinite Stage Design and Installation Solution for any Events

ACME THUNDER ROAR Products Introduction Video

ACME THUNDER ROAR is high-performance 710W LED strobe light.

The fixture has a compact size and low weight with excellent lumen output.


The protection rate is IPX4 with the splash protection for the whole fixture which make sure Thunder Roar is suitable for outdoor concert.

THUNDER ROAR has OLED display with four touch buttons on the back for easy control.

Equipped with the patented plug-in function, the fixture can be quickly installed horizontally and vertically or rigging without any tools.


Maximum units of Power supply connecting mode:

120V, 60Hz: 2 set

230V, 50Hz: 4 sets

The fixture has the outstanding black enclosure with handle on the head which is easy for carrying.

Equipped with 48pcs 15W RGBW LED. At 5 meters distance, the constant brightness of RGBW is 4165 lux, and the full brightness of RGBW is 8192 lux.


ACME THUNDER ROAR provides a high output and powerful strobes effect with variable speeds. The fixture LED panel is divided into 16 LED sections that can be controlled individually.


A various display methods make THUNDER ROAR a good solution for a multitude of stage applicants.


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