ACME Blinder/BL-200 Serial Effect Lightings Bring You Unlimited Fun of

Click the video and enjoy the fun of lighting stacking ~

Hello Everyone, today we will introduce 7 kinds of professional stage lightings which are in same serial.Blinder/BL-200 serial effect lightings.
The serial includes Thunder Roar/BL-200 CS, Thunder/BL-200 CP, Thunder Breaker/BL-200 VS, Stage Blinder IP RGBW/BL-200 RGBW, Stage Blinder IP VW/BL-200 VW, Stage Blinder IP CW/BL-200 CW and Stage Blinder IP WW2/BL-200 WW2.

All of them are with high light output, which are brighter than the traditional audience blinder. It is with big range wash effect, variable strobe effect and 0-100% smooth dimming.

The whole serial effect lightings, all are with protection rate IPX4 which means the splash protection of the whole fixture.

Thunder Roar/BL-200 CS, Thunder/BL-200 CP and Thunder Breaker/BL-200 VS are with removable handle for easy transport and installation.

With the unique plug-in function, the fixture can be quickly installed horizontally and vertically or rigging without any tools. It can save time for installation and labor cost at site.

If stack the Blinders and then creates ACME unique Magic Cube.

They are coming from same family, using energy conservation and environment protection LED source, but with different functions.

Thunder Roar/BL-200 CS is with high light output, equipped 48pcs 15W RGBW LED. The LED panel is divided into 16 LED sections and can be controlled individually, which is a high-performance strobe luminaire. The beam angle is 16°/31°/45°optional, the normal RGBW lumen is 4165 lux and full on RGBW lumen is 6192 lux at 5m.


Thunder/BL-200 CP uses 1188pcs 0.8W RGBW LED, provides a powerful white light & color strobes effect with variable speeds. The LED panel is divided into 3 LED sections and can be controlled individually, with a 110° beam angle, to achieve the outstanding washing effect.


Thunder Breaker/BL-200 VS is with small size & low weight, beam angle 110°, spot angle 150°. Its LED panel is divided into 144 LED sections and can be controlled individually, creates excellent strobe effect with variable speed.

Stage Blinder IP RGBW/BL-200 RGBW has featuring HSIC mode, uses 2pcs 150W RGBW LED modules, which provides excellent color mixing, 2000-10000K adjustable color temperature, 37°beam angle. It is with good noise control, the noise can be less than 38dB at 1 meter.


Stage Blinder IP VW/BL-200 VW is with adjustable color temperature 2700-6500K, using 2pcs 125W LED modules, providing multiple rotation angles, each of them can be located sassily.


Stage Blinder IP CW/BL-200 CW is using 2pcs 110W cool white LED modules, providing color temperature 5000±300K, beam angle 50°, can create excellent cool white light effect.


Stage Blinder IP WW2/BL-200 WW2 is using 2pcs 125W LED module, providing color temperature 2700K, beam angle 50°.It can create unique tungsten effect and simulate traditional lamp light off effect with color temperature 1200K.


ACME Magic cube has different functions but can be stack at the same time, which can be satisfying different lighting demands.
One fixture with multiple functions can work as a spotlight, audience light, and effect light, suitable for TV studios, concerts, theatres, outdoor performances, entertainment venues and the application requiring a striking visual impact.

Let’s enjoy the fun of STACKING.

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