ACME BELUGA & OCELLARIS, Ideal for Using in all Situations from Dusty Deserts to Rainy Fields

The Product Video for BELUGA & OCELLARIS

ACME BELUGA & OCELLARIS, the static IP66-rated LED Spot Wash fixtures, touring from dust, sand, moisture and liquids, making it ideal for using in all situations from dusty deserts to rainy fields.

Power consumption is 310W.The BELUGA uses a 280W warm white LED module, while the OCELLARIS is using a 300W RGBW LED module.

At the beam angle of 6.9° and 8 meters away, the illuminance of BELUGA reaches 7,734 lux.

Dimension at 438X295X221mm, Net weight at 11.8kg. In spite of the tinny body designed, it can shoot out a large scope and uniform washing effect.

The OCELLARIS color temperature is switchable from 2,500K to 8,000K.

The BELUGA CRI performance is over 95.

Available in two hanging ways, they can be easily installed on truss and stand on the ground.

The color temperature of BELUGA is 3,000K with high-brightness output. High - efficiency zoom optical system, ratio 1:4.1. Motorized zooming is from 6.9° to 22.7°, Field Angle is from 10°-34°.

The OCELLARIS uniforms RGBW color mixing, high - efficiency zoom optical system, ratio 1:3.1. Motorized zooming is from 6.8°-27.6°, Field Angle is from 12.4°-48°.

smooth dimming from 0-100%

Outstanding strobe effect with variable speed and OLED display.

ACME BELUGA & OCELLARIS provide you with effective solutions in any indoor or outdoor applications like churches, concerts, theaters, stages, ballrooms, and other venues, also they can meet the demand of weather-resistant in specified situation.

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