ACME AECO 10 Makes Everything More Authentic Under the Lighting Effect

ACME AECO 10 Products introduction Video

The professional stage lighting manufactory ACME make another big progress in the innovation. let the AECO 10 not only maintain higher lumen output, but also has the advantage of higher color reversion, energy saving and environmental protection, more complete functions.


The revolution of lighting source technique combines perfectly with the Optical lens.



ACME + ECO + 1000W high CRI LED + 




Popular Science

In the indoor illumination program, because the object illuminated will often change from one to others. (For example: People, printed matter, Fabric and so on), different colors, the viewing distance become closer, more requirement for color reversion. The lighting designers usually choose the lighting fixture which has the high CRI function. The CRI are requested to bigger than 90.

Most of LED lamps existing on the market have the impulse power supply, they are low cost, conducive to control the brightness of the lighting, and they have longer service life. But those Led lamps could not glow continuously. Instead they will flash at an extremely fast speed. We could not feel the effect by our eyes, but our brain and retina could be affected by the flash, and we will feel headache, losing concentration and vision.

On the other hand, most white light LED combine the blue light and yellow-green mixed light into white light. Due to the lack of red light in the spectrum, the R9 evaluation of the red light will get very low score inside the CRI evaluation system. So we need to add the red light into the spectrum in order to improve the LED CRI.

The high CRI LED fixture could avoid the disadvantages of ordinary LED lamps on the market, and also has the higher lumen output (higher CRI and lumen) under the premise of higher CRI index RA80.


ACME New Product  AECO 10

Higher CRI, Uniform color

Higher illuminated efficiency, longer service life

Not only original color of the object is highly restored

but also the color reflected on the object is close to the color under natural light

More comprehensive and diversified technology optimization



ACME AECO 10 uses an innovative 1000W LED engine. With the high-precision optical elements, diameter of lens is 180mm, not only prolongs the working life of the light source, but also brings the bright light output to the AECO 10. Its light beam is flat and smooth.




luminous flux of 31,000lm,

RA≥95, R9≥90,

get a high saturation color restoration.

At the minimum angle of 5 ° and 10 meters distance, the illumination

of the AECO 10 is 19,350lux respectively.




Variable CTO: 2700K-6500K

AECO 10 color temperature: 5,600K-6,400K




1 color wheel with 6 colors 

Linear CMY color mixing system

Provides rich color saturation and clear color transition




One Static gobo wheel: 1 static gobo wheel with 8 gobos .One rotating gobo wheel: 1 rotating gobo wheel with 7 gobos,and 1 animation wheel which has the effect disk can rotate and be replaced.


By adjusting the speed of the animation wheel, AECO 10 can create outstanding water and flame effect.


All the gobos are made by dichroic Glass. The gobos work together with the animation wheel to create different kinds of colorful Shape.




Beam Angle: 5°-52°

The spot of motorized linear Iris can be zoomed from 5% to 100%.

1pc 4-facet prism & 1pc 4-facets linear prism, both can rotate in either direction.

2 different frost filters to create and improve the wash effect.

Light and moderate frost effect can soften the edges of light and improve the brightness effectively.




4 x fast and smooth framing shutters; the position and the angle of each shutter blade can be controlled individually; each shutter blade can block out light completely; The framing module can rotate at ±60 degrees




The power consumption of the fixture is 1350 W. The size of the AECO 10 is 412*308*770mm,Net weight is 37 kg. There are 2 solid fast locking hooks under the base. According to your special requirement, we can install the ACME AITO system for data analysis.

ACME AECO 10 has the compact design body.

No only combines beam, spot, wash and framing features.

But also adopt Energy-saving and environmentally friendly high-power high CRI LED engine.

which specially designed for performances, dance halls, theatres, etc.

ACME AECO 10 provides an almost unlimited design and potential and creates a greater return on investment!


Extremely high color reversion

Bring the bright and colorful stage to the audiences.

Make the out of reach stage design to come true.

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