SCORPIUS - A New Member of ACME’s IP66 Family

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Equipped with Philips MSD Platinum 25R as its light source, the color temperature of Scorpius is 7800K and adjustable from 2700K to 7800K.

The super-bright beam with a tight angle of 1.8° comes out from a super large frontal lens with a diameter of 193mm.

The projection of the beam can reach a very long distance: at a distance of 5m, the illuminance is 4,400,000 lux, while at a distance of 10m the illuminance is 1,100,000 lux-still very bright.

Using in the outdoors and the night sky, the beam is clear, strong, and sharp.

What’s more, Scorpius is a multi-functional horse that can meet your many requirements.

Linear smooth CMY color mixing

1 Color wheel with 14 saturated colors plus white and rotatable in 2 directions

1 Static gobo wheel with 18 gobos plus open

1 Rotating gobo wheel with 7 indexable rotating gobos plus open

One 8-facet prism and 6-facet linear prism, rotatable in 2 directions and can be overlaid

Additional benefits including strobe effect with adjustable speed, frost effect, 0-100% dimming, etc. With all these functions above, the compact body is only 39.8kg.

With tailor-made magnesium alloy die-cast housing, robust construction, IP66-rating, and waterproof power & DMX connector interface, the Scorpius is extremely durable in all sorts of exterior applications.

Your All Day Long Partner
Outdoors Performance, Stadium Venue,
Theme Park, Landscape Lighting, etc.
No Matter Hot or Cold, Wind or Rain, Sand or Dust
SCORPIUS, is always by your side!

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