ACME GEMINI, Infinity Imagination,
More than Just an Effect

The ACME GEMINI, a newborn in town, proposes a new future hybrid fixture: a new combination type of beam, wash, and strobe.

ACME does what customers want us to improve mostly: elegant but also powerful, beautiful but also controllable, concentrated but also multifunctional. GEMINI, the next generation LED effect, vaguely based on the moving head effect concept, but with new possibilities, encapsulates punchy beams with various angles, high output strobes, smooth homogenized wash, and down to pixel controlling all in this compact & solid designed body.

Firstly, let’s take a glance at GEMINI.

A video presentation of GEMINI

Innovative Double-side-fixture

This one fixture, just like its name, GEMINI, has two sides of the multifunctional light source to deliver charming eye-catching effects: 5 pcs 60W quad RGBW LEDs - combining with a very efficient 11 :1 zoom optical system ranging from tight 2.8° Beam to wide 31° Wash; 36 pcs 18W Cold White LEDs that divided into 18 sections to create super-bright strobes.

Infinity Moving Pan & Tilt

GEMINI responds to the desire of numerous lighting designers: INFINITY. With the infinity-moving pan&tilt, the lighting designer can pour all his imaginations on the stage, create airborne sceneries, illuminate the sets or just blow the audience's minds.

Pixel Driven Quad Color LEDs

Only infinity movement is not enough to build up a dream. We open up the access to control each pixel of the 5 LEDs individually to make endless effect creation. Thanks to the changeable zoom range and high-resolution bit dimming, Gemini brings smooth transitions between tight beams at only 2.8° and a big reach with a native 31° beam angle. With GEMINI, the awesome mid-air projections and splendid pixel-mappable are at your reach.

Super Bright White Strobe Tube

On the other side of GEMINI, 36 pcs 18W Cold White LEDs will help it comparable with the traditional strobe lights. It has a tremendous output at 41,000lm with selectable strobe speed, from 0.5Hz/s to 22Hz/s, which meets the common performance demand. Combining rotating in both pan&tilt directions at variable speed, the GEMINI certainly adds another new visual effect to the show.

Of course, the GEMINI is a professional effect light. However, more than just an effect. Integrated strobe, beam, wash, pixel-control, infinity movement, Gemini is very suitable to be the major effect lights in touring, concert, big show, and other large-scale events.

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