AECO 8, A Higher Level

The perfect combination of light source and optical technology gives birth to a masterpiece. After AECO 5, the AECO family welcomes another member,this advanced version of "Queen"- ACEO 8. High CRI, various gobos and colors help present aesthetic stage lighting effects.


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 So, what are the aspects of the advanced version of AECO 8?

High CRI

Natural color

High color reduction

Linear CTO color temperature

Stable gobo rotation

Low noise

Accurate operation of pan and tilt

Lightweight design


Nowadays, various products are being introduced. It is not only technological innovation, but also a variety of tricks, just to gain the favor of consumers. Product competitiveness and potential are the most important characteristics of the market, and it is the goal we have been striving for. This time, there are certain innovations on AECO 8.

Follow me to know more about AECO 8:


Product Presentation

Higher CRI, extremely high color reduction

Using innovative 750W LED engine

165mm light output lens

Ra≥95, R9≥ 90, R15≥95, TLCI≥95, CCI: 0-0.5G

              TLCL95, CCI: 0-0.5G

Better color reduction

Rotating gobo and color wheel project colorful graphics

1 rotating gobos wheel with 6 gobos plus open

1 x color wheel with 6 colors plus white

1 animation wheel with outstanding water and flame effect

A variety of gobos plays multi-level lighting effects


4-facet prism & high brightness frost filters & large angle framing rotation

1 x 4-facet prism in either direction ensure free and stable rotation

2 pcs light and medium frost filters used independently and overlay will increase the brightness when change to wash mode

4 x fast and smooth framing shutters can rotate at ±60 degrees

Variety of shapes show flexibility of lighting


Low noise, pure color

Quiet and accurate pan tilt rotation

Energy-saving and environmentally friendly LED light engine

It is a general LED moving head with high CRI specially designed for theaters, TV studios, conference multi-function halls, five-star hotels, large banquet halls.


Diverse gobos, vivid colors, flexible and stable performance, it is so ideal for stage

The stage is so big, the beauty that belongs to you will be illuminated.

AECO 8, you deserve it.

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