ACME at Prolight+Sound Frankfurt 2019

On April 2, ACME appeared at Prolight + Sound Frankfurt 2019 with its "new generation product".

It is well known Prolight + Sound Frankfurt is a leading professional exhibition in lighting and sound technology products, covering all industries and services of lighting products.

ACME lighting is delighted to demonstrate latest products in Prolight + Sound Frankfurt on April 2, 2019, the products include XA-1200 BSWF,BL-200 CP,LP-2304,LED-PAR200,XP-25R BSWF,XP-380 BSW PRO,XP-20R BSW,XA-400 SPOT PRO,CM-400Z,CA-EN28,CA-RS16 etc.

Solar Flare XA-1200 BSWF

The fixture is a four in one “all-around” product, with beam/wash/spot/framing functions.The LED light color is excellent, with even centralized spot, high output and strong penetrating power.Can switch to high CRI mode with high CRI filter, totally meet the lighting requirements of TV programs, concerts, large-scale openning/closing ceremony, etc.It is the “all-around” product you need!

Thunder Struck LP-2304

The fixture is a Four-in-one LED light, the highlight is powerful strobes effect, so it also called “The strongest strobe light”. It is composed of 12 led plates, each zone can be controlled individually, mix with Red / Green / Blue / White colors, to reach the outstanding washing effect. Its beam angle can reach 110°, the highest lighting output is up to 70000lm, and no doubt with 0~100% smooth dimming.The back inserted an OLED screen, let the lighting designer can adjust the fixture accurately in darkness. Plus with IP66 waterproof index,ensure the outdoor performance can be working smoothly.Weight is at 16kg only.

Let's take a look at the photos taken by our photographer.

We are looking forward to meeting you on booth Hall 12.1/ E85 at Exhibition Centre Frankfurt in coming 3 days.

April 5, 2019

Prolight+ Sound Frankfurt 2019

Hall 12.1 / E85