ACME Created a Colorful Lights World in Frankfurt Show

The four-day Prolight + Sound Frankfurt closed on April 5, 2019, ACME gathered with the world's top brands, showed their corporate culture industry strength together.


This exhibition is the important platform for the development of Germany and the European market to ACME.

ACME show a series of new technology products, like XA-1200 BSWF,LED-PAR200,LP-2304,XP-20R BSW,XA-400 SPOT PRO,XP-25R BSWF,XP-380 BSW PRO,CM-400Z,CA-EN28,CA-RS16, etc.

ACME's products and services have won good reputation and the establishment of the new partnership on the exhibition, and cutting-edge technology, and industry professionals to discuss to show our innovative solutions to the international merchants.


The thriving business atmosphere of this exhibition made the trading exciting! ACME booth, all kinds of lighting lamps and lanterns are intertwined, and with the help of Canada MDGS ATMe mist generator, ACME created a colorful lights world, deducing the ACME unique brand glamour, all the travelling merchant on the spot felt amazing , make ACME more famous and well-known overseas!