2019 GETshow, ACME is Ready

Date: May 8th-11th, 2019

Address: Guangzhou Poly World Trade Center Exhibition Hall

Booth: 5B-01


The unprecedented GETshow in 2018 was still vivid in our mind, and in a short time, the 2019 GETshow is coming.


In 2019, ACME is poised to become the most embarrassing one at the show. To achieve this goal, we will have lots of eye-catching designs in this year.

For example:


1)A lots of new launch fixtures:

XA-1000 BSWF II、CM-400Z、CM-400Z IP、CM-800Z IP、AM1、AM3、XA-1000 BW、XA-400 BSWF、LED-PAR 200 IP、LP-14410、BL-200 RGBW、BL-200 CP、XP-380 BSW IP、XP-380 BSW、XP-380 BSW PRO、XP-260 BEAM、XP-25R BSWF、XP-25 BEAM IP、XP-20R BSW II、E-40D WW D26、CA-AN04T、CA-RS14T


2)Of course, we will not miss our hot-sales fixtures

XP-380 BEAM II、XP-380 BEAM IP、LP-2304、TB-630 QW、TB-1230 QW、XP-5000SZ NF.

Beside above fixtures, the rest of the fixtures are also hot-sale.


In addition, the newly introduced SPOTRACK beam tracking system from Ireland will also be applied to the XP-5000SZ NF, which will show its talents at the show.


This exhibition is also the show of MDG fog generator. A series of high-quality and high-value fog generators will also be unveiled at the show: theONE, Me4, ATMe, ATMe WPE, Me2 WPE, theFAN, ICE FOG Q , ICE FOG Compack, etc. In order to show the better display the low temperature fog effect of the ICE FOG series, a rotating slide has been specially customized in the field, which is novel and interesting, and this will bring you a refreshing exhibition experience.


Beside the new trends and new industry information,

We ACME sincerely invite the famour lighting designer team LV

to design an excellent lighting show for you.

Below is our ACME booth effect map, double-layer design.


Our ACME looks forward to seeing you.

---------------- THE END --------------