ACME Made Its First Appearance in Thailand IFSEA 2019

Exhibition: InfoComm Southeast Asia, 2019

Time: May 15th to 17th, 2019

Location: international trade and exhibition centre in Bangkok, Thailand (BITEC)

ACME booth number: HALL98 C01


InfoComm Southeast Asia exhibition by the InfoComm Asia, is a global professional audio-visual and integrated experience industry association AVIXA ™ in global 13 audio-visual industry exhibition in one of the exhibition.


Since 1998, InfoComm Asia have been holding regional professional audio-visual industry exhibition and integration experience. Companies in key Asian markets such as China and India exhibition industry has become the most famous event, supplier integrating global professional audio-visual and experience, and the end users of different industries, and offers a good chance for the cooperation between them.


InfoComm Asia organizers to use its experience exhibitions in China and India, on May 15 to 17, 2019, professional AV and comprehensive experience for Thailand market first specialized exhibitions - 2019 Thai international professional audio-visual integration equipment and technology (Thailand InfoComm Southeast Asia 2019, hereinafter referred to as Thailand IFSEA 2019).

This exhibition attracted from southeast Asia AV professionals and agencies gathered in Bangkok end users, it is also a IFSEA 2019 debut in Bangkok Thailand.


ACME catch the opportunity of shiny, involved in the industry of the industry event! With the latest hot product XA-1000 BSWF、LP-2304、CM-400Z、CM-S6、TB-1230 QW、TB-630 QW、CM-S6, and other professional stage in Thailand IFSEA 2019 passionate light show.

ACME has excellent performance in all kinds of lamps and lanterns, shows its innovative technology, obtained the proud market response.


Thailand IFSEA supply 2019 is a professional audio-visual and integration of technology innovation in the field of experience leading companies and manufacturers the ideal start plate, collected from all over the world professional audio-visual technology and integrated application solutions, build southeast Asia's leading professional audio-visual technology platform for the exchange and integration solutions.


In Bangkok on May 15 to 17, ACME international trade and exhibition centre (BITEC) HALL98 C01 booth, welcome to visit!


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