Say Goodbye to U——2019 GETshow

The 4-day GETshow——Guangzhou Entertainment Technology Show came to a successful conclusion.


GETshow is adhering to the purpose and service philosophy of Guangdong commercial chamber of performing arts equipment industry, which is independent innovation and win-win world. And it is for professional audio lighting and peripheral equipment products enterprises to build a high-end exchange and cooperation with the show publicity stage. Furthermore, It is also a grand ceremony for the deep collision, fusion and sharing of thoughts and wisdom.


For a warm response GETshow purpose and ideas, ACME has been studied in this exhibition ,not only show their professional stage lighting but also cooperate with the international well-known brand REYN AUDIO sound ,MDGS fog generator, and together with the SPOTRACK beam tracking system supplement. Each other multilateral cooperation and win-win world take you into the dreamlike world, and give you a brand new audio-visual experience.

Liam Feeney, the CEO of SPOTRACK, was invited to attend the BBS academic summit on audio-visual lighting in Guangzhou University, which was jointly held by Guangdong association of sound, video and lighting technology and Guangzhou university academic committee on audio-visual lighting on 10th May.

On BBS, Liam Feeney briefly introduced SPOTRACK and how SPOTRACK leads the field of modern light tracking system. The content of the lecture was novel and interesting. All the participants held up their mobile phones to make a record and are full of admiration so advanced and humanized light system.

The CEO of SPOTRACK——Liam Feeney


A variety of highlights let ACME booth wonderful and received warm response and praise from on-site guests. The four days of non-stop light shows let people feel satisfy and still Long for more. If you miss the site experience, no worry, we have been intimate for you to prepare the next dry goods.Please click below video to watch the ACME2019 GETshow light show created by the famous lighting design team lv Jiaban online.


In addition to the remarkable performances of the four major brands, ACME 2019's elaborately crafted micro film, I'm not alone on the way forward, also shines brilliantly at the scene. As a continuation of the first micro film planned by ACME in 2019, the sequel is more deeply rooted in the hearts of people, making them identify with each other and evoking the soul resonance of the public. Please hit below video to review, I'm not alone on the way forward, to bring us touched and warmth.


In addition to paying tribute to the quiet efforts of the people behind the scenes, the sequel also makes people who love the industry full of aspirations and expectations for the future.


Although the 2019 GETshow has come to a successful conclusion, the entertainment equipment industry is still moving forward. Let's follow ACME with full positive energy and make it more wonderful.


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will become a bright star to illuminate others,

worthy of being remembered,

let us pay tribute to these silent ACTS.


Special thanks:

The famous lighting design team----Lv JiaBan




Every friend who support ACME / REYN AUDIO


All the people behind the scenes of ACME.

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