2019 GETshow ACME(5B-01),Live Hot Scene Broadcasting !

Exhibition date: May 8th - May 11th, 2019

Exhibition address: Guangzhou Pazhou Poly World Trade Expo Center

Booth No.: 5B-01


On May 10th, the third day of 2019 GETshow, and the crowds are still so surging! The ACME booth was under the double blessing of the stunning lighting show created by the famous lighting design team Lv Lighting View Family and the ACME's specially planned micro film "On the way, not alone", so that the guests who stopped to watch the scene are increasing.

Today, we do not talk nonsense, directly to all of my friends waiting for a long time new product introduction, and broadcast the scene to everyone!


ACME professional stage lighting


Suitable for fashion shows, TV studios, theaters, large-scale performances, exhibitions, etc.

● Light source 1x1000W LED, color temperature 6500K, zoom angle 5°~50°, luminous flux 35000lm

● Switchable to high CRI mode with high CRI filter(High CRI mode Ra>90, High output mode Ra>70 )

● Linear CMY color mixing+Linear CTO color correction

● 1 color wheel with 5 colors plus white

1 static gobo wheel with 8 gobos plus open

1 rotating gobo wheel with 6 gobos plus open, easy to replace

● 4 facets prism rotating in both directions

● 2 new material frost filters(light & medium), It can effectively enhance the brightness of entry atomization mode.

● Motorized linear iris

● 4 fast and smooth framing shutters, each shutter blade position and angle can be controlled individually; Each shutter blade can block out light completely, the framing module can be rotated at ±45°


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In addition to the above new products, there are still many products waiting for you to discover its "beauty"~

CM-400Z、CM-400Z IP、CM-800Z IP、AM1、XA-1000BW、XA-400 BSWF、LED-PAR 200 IP、LP-14410、BL-200 RGBW、BL-200 CP、XP-380 BSW IP、XP-380 BSW、XP-380 BSW PRO、XP-260 BEAM、XP-25R BSWF、XP-25 BEAM IP、XP-20R BSW II、E-40D WW D26、CA-AN04T、CA-RS14T


REYN AUDIO professional audio equipment

RL0.5line array sound system

Applicable to all kinds of activity centers: stadiums, theaters, clubs, DISCO PUB and touring.

● RL0.5 is a two tone frequency division loudspeaker system, without built-in passive voice divider, and uses active digital DSP processor as a voice and equalizing control.

● High frequency 3 inch metal vibration film, 90 degree H/7.5 degree V conduction direction, linear high frequency plane wave transmitter, high frequency remote projection can be strong and penetrating, with high efficiency double 8 inch medium and low sound unit, with excellent remote projection and fax degree, will move you deeply.

● Special trapezoidal box design, solid aluminum alloy quick hanging design and birch box close to perfect structure, convenient for quick installation and suspension.

● The box is specially applied to the high level polyurea wear resistant paint. It has very good waterproof, moistureproof, sun - proof and collision - resistant functions, so it is easy to use in outdoor tour.

● Internal B&C unit and Thailand P.A unit are adopted internally to ensure the quality stability of Italy.


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MDGFog Generator


At this exhibition, MDG exhibits the products of theONE, Me4, ATMe, ATMe WPE, Me2WPE, theFAN, ICE FOG Q, ICE FOG Compack and other fog generators. Among them, ICE FOG series low temperature fog generator is the main product. In order to better demonstrate the low temperature fog effect of the ICE FOG series, a semi-open rotary slide was specially customized in the field, and the ICE FOGCompack was placed on the second floor, so that we can clearly see the jet from the ICE FOG Compack. The low-temperature fog will not rise, but instead will be close to the rotating slide, spreading from the second floor to the area on the first floor.


ICE FOG Compack low temperature fog generator main features

The high-concentration low-temperature fog generator is placed in its own portable flight case, which can produce a thick low-temperature mist without any residue without using dry ice.

● Low or high voltage version available

● Low temperature fog concentration adjustable

● Very low fuel consumption, only 0.035L per minute (1.3 US fluid ounces) at full output

● Complete equipment with wheels, easy to transport

● Compatible with DMX interface and remote timer


The show mode of the rotating slide is also ACME's first attempt, which is novel and interesting, giving you a refreshing fog experience.


SPOTRACK Beam Tracking System


SPOTRACK is specially designed for SPOTRACK TrACME of ACME. It is used with ACME XP-5000SZ NF at the exhibition site for demonstration. The system allows the moving head light to be used as a tracer. It can work for a long time and be operated remotely. It is usually used in the high places of music buildings, TRUSS racks or other areas where it is difficult for staff to access. It is very easy and convenient, and can effectively improve work efficiency and safety.


The endless stream of guests, the brilliant lighting show created by the famous lighting design team Lv Lighting View Family, and the soul-resonating "On the Way, Not Alone" are complementary to each other. All these become indispensable factors for the construction of a perfect ACME GETshow booth.


Want to experience the atmosphere of SO HIGH? Come on 5B-01! There's still one day to go.~

With this opportunity, we welcome friends who are interested in audio to ACME booth 5B-01. We will arrange a special bus to pick up guests to the stadium rented by REYN AUDIO to listen to the real outdoor sound effects of audio and experience the powerful functions of POWERSOFT ARMONIA PLUS first-hand. Looking forward to all teachers and customers coming to the front desk for consultation!


Today and tomorrow,ACME is still waiting for you at 5B-01~

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