February, Busy Exhibition Month! ACME Rise Up!

The professional lighting and audio industry is also experiencing the technological revolution of 4.0 industry, a series of high and new technologies are constantly being used in product research and development, becoming the newest wave of industry development. ACME will not only focus on trendy products, but also try to invest new places in 2020. In addition to the ISE exhibitions in the Netherlands, GETSHOW and PROLIGHT & SOUND in Guangzhou, which will be held every year, it will also show in Shenzhen in February this year, making its first appearance at two major industry exhibition in the local area!

February Exhibition Highlights:

New Products


ACME Professional Stage Lighting

REYN AUDIO REYN AUDIO Classic Audio Equipment

MDG MDG Frog Generator

SPOTRACK TrACME SPOTRACK TrACME Lighting Vedio Dynamic Tracking System

ACME/ REYN AUDIO/ MDG/ SPOTRACK will debut with dazzling and developed independently products in the exhibition to take you into the colorful and fantasy world of light and shadow!


Exhibition time:
February 11th to 14th
Exhibition name:
Integrated System Event, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2020(referred to as ISE 2020)
Exhibition venue:
RAI International Exhibition and Congress Centre
ACME booth no:
Hall 5 – S140

he ISE exhibition in Netherlands is co-sponsored by the international Associated for Information Exchange Industry and the Electronic System Design and Custom Installation Association.It represents the authority of audiovisual technology in the commercial field and is an influential industry organization in the industry.
With an international and professional reputation, it is the preferred platform for audiovisual manufacturers to display products and technology solutions in the areas of system integration, digital signage, live performance production, smart home and smart buildings and so on.
ISE will create a number of exciting live events to enhance the value of attendees in 2020.

***Free registration on the ISE official website with ACME invitation code***

(ISE official website:http://iseurope.org)


Exhibition time:
February 16th to 19th.
Exhibition name:
The 10th Guangzhou Entertainment Technology Show (referred to as GETSHOW 2020)
Exhibition venue:
Pazhou Poly World Trade Expo Center, Guangzhou, China
ACME booth no.:
Hall 5B - 01
The GETSHOW exhibition, hosted by the Guangzhou Chamber of Commerce for Performing Arts Equipment Industry, has been successfully held for 9 sessions, and has become a more influential professional exhibition in China and even in Asia, it provides a rare and comprehensive international exhibition platform for the performing arts equipment companies in China and even the world.
GETSHOW 2020 coincides with the 10th anniversary of tis establishment, with many highlights and activities, using a total area of nearly 100,000 square meters, a comprehensive opening of 9 exhibition halls, attracting nearly 1,000 well-known brands at home and abroad. It has been committed to promoting technological exchanges between domestic and foreign enterprises, strengthening and promoting independent innovation capabilities in the field of performing arts equipment, and promoting sustainable, healthy and green development of the industry.



Exhibition time:
February 19th to 22th.
Exhibition name:
The 18th Edition of Professional Sound and Lighting Trade Fair (referred to as PROLIGHT & SOUND GUANGZHOU 2020)
Exhibition venue:
China Import and Export Fair Complex
ACME and REYN AUDIO booth no.:
Hall 4.2 C08 + D08
The scale of the exhibition will reach a new high in 2020. Total 16 exhibition halls span the two areas of halls A and B, the exhibition area reaches 160,000 square meters, it is expected to gather 1,500 exhibitors and more than 85,000 professional buyers and industry visitors.
Comprehensive coverage of professional audio and video equipment, event management, stage design and system integration industries, leading the professional sound and light, audiovisual industry to make strides towards the industrial upgrading process supported by technological integration and innovation, creating more forward-looking and influential professional lighting, audio, audiovisual integrated display platform.



Exhibition time:
February 24th to 26th.
Exhibition name:
Shenzhen International Lighting Audio and Intelligent Multimedia Technology Exhibition (referred to as LED CHINA 2020)
Exhibition venue:
Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center(SZCEC)
ACME booth no.:
Hall 2 G01
As the brand of INFORMA MARKETS, the world’s largest exhibition organizer, ENTAINMENT DESIGN EXPO will join LED CHINA, the global popular event and officially land in Shenzhen in February 2020.
Starting from the LED screen display, it extends to the various subdivisions of stage performance, displaying technologies and products in various fields such as LED screen display, stage lighting, audio equipment, audio and video integrated systems and so on, and providing applications in intelligent buildings, large venues, sports, cutting-edge equipment of performance art projects, technology and comprehensive solutions, creating an ecological industry chain event that integrates advanced audiovisual technology, display and lighting scene application solutions.



Exhibition time:
February 24th to 27th.
Exhibition name:
2020 International Signs & LED Exhibition, Shenzhen (referred to as ISLE 2020)
Exhibition venue:
Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center
ACME 与 ACME booth no.:
Hall 13 C10
ISLE(International Large-screen Display Technology, Intelligent Integration of Audio and Video, Advertising Signs and LED Exhibition) is a professional exhibition from Eastern Hemisphere to TOP screen display/audio and video integration systems/stage audiovisual/advertising signs/jet printing equipment.
The first “Integrated Audio and Video Intelligence Exhibition”in 2020 was jointly sponsored by Guangzhou Fair Advertising Co.,Ltd., China Foreign Trade Guangzhou Exhibition Corporation, and China Performing Arts Equipment Technology Association.
It is expected that more than 2,000 exhibitors from all over the world will participate in the exhibition, with an exhibition area exceeding 160,000 square meters, attracting more than 230,000 professional audience to visit, create a new mode of order + performance + experience, and lead the new trend of the global industry with a new attitude.

On February 11th to 27th, 2020
Nearly half of one month, total 5 exhibitions
What excellent products will present?
Let’s look forward to it.
Sincerely invite you to visit and guide us
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