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Exhibition name: The 17th Shenzhen International LED Exhibition (referred to as LED China) and Shenzhen International Lighting, Audio and Intelligent Multimedia Exhibition (referred to as EDE China)
Location: Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center (Fuhua 3rd Road, Futian District)
Exhibition date: 1st ~3rd September
ACME Booth Number: 6Hall 6 6-B02

On 1st September, the students returned to school as scheduled to start a new life in the new semester. At the same time, Shenzhen also ushered in new business opportunities!
The 17th Shenzhen International LED Exhibition (abbreviated as LED China) and Shenzhen International Lighting, Audio and Intelligent Multimedia Exhibition (abbreviated as EDE China) opened grandly in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center.

As a brand of INFORMA MARKETS, the world's largest exhibition organizer, ENTAINMENT DESIGN EXPO and LED CHINA organized this global LED industry "weathervane" event.
Starting from the LED screen display, it extends to the major subdivisions of stage performance, showing technologies and products in many fields such as LED screen display, stage lighting, audio equipment, audio and video integrated systems, etc. Provide cutting-edge equipment, technology and comprehensive solutions used in intelligent buildings, large venues, sports events, and performing arts projects. Create an ecological industry chain event integrating advanced audio-visual technology, display and lighting scene application solutions.

ACME, which has 35 years of experience in professional stage lighting, joined this event and joined many brands to provide innovative, reliable and stable lighting for large-scale events, TV shows, concerts, music festivals, bars, architectural lighting and other fields Technical solutions.

At the exhibition, many brands did their best to show their charming style~
ACME brings a number of new products to the Shenzhen exhibition. No matter which fixture it is, it can meet the performance needs of professional stage: LEO(XP-550 BSW), GEIST BEAM(XA-500 BEAM), GEIST BSWF(XA-500 BSWF), AECO10 BSWF, BELUGA (MP-500Z IP WW), THUNDER(BL -200CP), THUNDER ROA(BL-200CS), etc.

SPOTRACK was founded in Ireland, combining computer vision experience with the love of entertainment lighting to create a powerful and practical 21st century beam tracking system innovation.
The TrACME dynamic video tracking system specially made for ACME was used in the scene with ACME's new product XP-320 BEAM beam light, allowing the audience to have an eye-opener and experience the powerful tracking function of the SPOTRACK system.

Founded in 1980, MDG Fog Generator is a leading brand in the manufacture of weather effects. The weather effects produced by its fog, mist, and low-temperature fog generators can better highlight the lights. It has been widely used in Broadway, West End, London Hollywood, Bollywood and other fields are the best choices for opera houses, film and television studios, concerts, tours, major leisure parks and large-scale events.
ATMe mist generator, noble and elegant purple body, is particularly eye-catching at the exhibition. The mist haunts the booth to better set off the ACME lighting effect.

ACASE, which debuted at the exhibition, is a flight case brand independently developed by ACME, combined with years of experience in stage lighting industry customers’ performances, and aims to help customers in various industries achieve the most favorable transportation and packaging solutions. Not only provide you with individual flight case customization services, but also use numerous transportation cases to improve the efficiency of the logistics process and meet customer needs with high-quality services.

The mobile workbench, LED screen flight case, and fire flight case were exhibited this time. The cabinet is sturdy and durable, and the design is ingenious, providing a great guarantee for protecting the contents.

There are still 2 days before the end of the exhibition,
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